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  1. When trying to do cloud search I receive an error stating that there is a server error. I uninstalled the app and went to the play store to re-install, while doing so I came across a comment with a peroson going through similiar issues. Before installing I received a message stating that the app wasmade for and older firmware. I am not sure why I am having this issue. But my phone is a Note 9 and has received all its updates.. Also no other app on my phone has any problems like this. Speedy response to this will be much appreciated.
  2. After taking an extended break from my pedal board I've recently found some encouragement to start exploring again. Anyone has any new tones they are willing to share?
  3. I've been saying the samething. There are still bugs, and also some improvements that can be made. Its not that we want the firhawk to be like the helix or the hd500x. Its just that the firehawk has been left in the dark. There have been complaints, but no legitimate answer. Just someone crushing hopes, and telling us that we might not receive anything. Or tk just go and buy the Helix. I am still waiting and have already made my requests.
  4. Can you guys post the best tones you have made or found on the cloud. If you have a tone you think is awesome, can you post it here. You can also share ideas on how you tweaked it to make it your own. Would love some interaction.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Im hoping that there is some sort of update in the weeks to come.
  6. Ok Thanks. I would still hope theres someway these updates can make it on the firehawk. What your telling is not reasonable, u choose to answer only one line within each of my posts n it doesnt make sense. If your not working there and have no idea of the Firehawks programming or capabilities then why are u replying with opinions. I want facts about what can be done to make the firehawk better.
  7. Thanks for the reply's. If i wanted single pedals i would have just purchased those instead. What im asking for is just a little more flexibility. Why give us the option to use idea scale if those ideas will be used in a new device instead of ours. Im not trying to be harsh and i am not at all mad or angry. Its just a request. I live all the way in Belize, you guys can easily purchase those stuff at a local store its not that easy for me. I pay maybe three times more to purchase an item like this.
  8. Ok thanks for clearing that up, however; I feel as if though you guys have totally left the firehawk in the shadows. There hasnt been any activity with the firehawk in terms of update for close to a year... besides the app. The focus is only on the Helix. What can be done for the Firehawk?
  9. I've registered for ideascale earlier this morning, and received an acceptance a few minutes ago. I went on the page and searched for the Firehawk FX, to my surprise there was 116 ideas for improvements to the FH. Some of them were already implimented on the FH. However the suggestions i had, have been repeated 2 or 3 times and we still havent received any update to FH itself. This is very important to me, as i chose this device because i thought it would be the same as the POD HD500X. I depend a lot on my tone, and this device is restricting its users from gaining their desired. I know this might not be the case for everyone, because its a very awesome device. But im asking for the firehawk community's voice to address this situation and get an update. These update include: 1. Placing more than one reverb in the line up 2. Being able to have a more effective looper 3. Adding loopers to more than one pedal 4. Assigning mods in all footswitches instead of just FS1-FS5 Please, if you want to have a better firehawk fx, help me to get the other Line 6 user aware and also go on ideascale and vote for these ideas.
  10. Thanks FiveBass, Much appreciated.
  11. Hey guys, I got my firehawk around christmas and its a neat device. I use it mostly for praise and worship at church and other small gigs. After updating it, i realized that it restricts the user too much. I really wanted the ability to use 2 reverbs at once and even the posibility of having the looper in 2-3 foot switches at once. I've seen that all the updates have been given to other gears from line 6, but nothing has been done to the Firehawk FX. I would really appreciate a response from the line 6 team, because I know there should be a way that these simple requests can be achieved. If other users agree with me for an update; kindly comment and include some bugs on the Firehawk that u think needs to be updated. Thanks for your support...
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