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  1. Diezel... Yes please!!! I would love to have this great head on my Helix. I've been dreaming of having it for long time since Diezel has no official distributor in Israel. It would be very nice if Line 6 could add this great amp to our arsenal.
  2. Welp. Nothing can be fixed apparently... Without any choice, I'm going to install windows 10 on my computer. Gonna delete all my stuff on C:\ but I guess I need all my stuff to be supported by a working operating system. I'm sorry to find out that HXN doesn't fully support Windows 7 when it says it does. I hope it will work fine after upgrading. Thanks for the support!
  3. I definitely raise a support ticket on this one. It doesn't make any sense at all... I'll also see if anyone on the Helix family group I'm in can help me out. Thanks for the support!
  4. I tried all of the above. I'm afraid none of that worked. I tried downgrading to 1.60 and using both VST3 and VST2 but it still freezes after I log in. Afterwards every time I launch it the host just freezes with the HXN. I have no idea what causing this...
  5. Good thought. I did install the VST3 version. I'll try to reinstall it with VST2 and see if it works. If it doesn't I'll try to install an earlier version. I'm at work right now so I'll do that when I get home after a good morning sleep (I'm working nights). I'll keep you updated.
  6. I tried opening Helix Native using a VST Host app. It still freezes and now the host window got frozen as well and won't respond. No clue why it's happening...
  7. I hate to say it but I never installed a demo copy of HXN. A friend of mine installed it on his computer and I came to him with my floor unit and we did a comparsion. It sounded exactly the same and that's why I decided to buy it right away. I really have no clue why the heck it won't even show any error messege. It just freezes the whole DAW! Shoot me for free HXN! One time offer!
  8. I just double checked the whole Firewall settings from blocking anything related to Cubase or Line 6. Couldn't find any restrictions. But It makes sense that something might be blocking Helix Native from authorizing my computer. Please keep me updated with anything you might find out. Thanks!
  9. I'm afraid that didn't work. I reinstalled after an uninstallation and restart and once again it froze as soon as I clicked "Authorize this computer". Any other way of solving this?
  10. Hello Datacommando. I'm currently using Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 9.5. I just tried installing it on my laptop that has windows 10 and it worked fine on it. But my desktop has the problem and it's my main workstation. I'll try what you said and report back. Thank you!
  11. Hi. I just bought Helix Native as a Helix Floor owner. I downloaded and installed it and when I clicked "Authorize this computer" it simply froze alongside with the entire cubase. Now every time I try to relaunch it it simply freezes when I click on the Helix Native plugin. It won't start and Cubase just freezes completely. How can I solve this issue? Please help!
  12. I REALLY don't wish for any new model of the Helix to come out right now since it's only been out for around two years and still being upgraded with new effects, amps and stuff. But I believe it would be beyond awesome if a helix unit could supply power to pedals like TC Electronic did with the G-system. The helix is FAR better than that if you ask me but still, If the helix is designed to co-work with other pedals on a pedalboard then let's make it all the way :) I tried many gear pieces and I really don't believe that there's ANY floor based guitar processor better than the Helix right now. I believe Line 6 should put up a fight to keep it on that spot. :D :D :D
  13. Greetings! I'm a fresh proud owner of a Line 6 Helix unit :) :) :) I was wondering if there's any software that I can use it to make my own presets via computer and not using the helix itself. I downloaded the helix editing software but it can only be used to arrange presets and store them in folders. Is there any preset editing software coming up where I can actually edit the signal flow and the effects themselves? Thank you very much! Logan.
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