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  1. Depends on what you get for the firehawk ;-)
  2. What a great and helpful review. Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for this answer. So, the Powercab track runs dead if I want to keep using my FIREHAWK FX ... What kind of effects pedal would work great with this Powercab next to helix?
  4. Didn't know this Mooer Radar ... small but broad range pedal. Every answer brings me to new questions. Start thinking that the combi of Firehawk and Powercab is maybe not the best although Line6 likes to combine the Helix with the Powercab. What I miss now is how I could use the Firehawk to steer the IR-presets on the Powercab ... Any idea about that?
  5. Hello, People keep pointing me towards the Boss KATANA Artist but I'm starting to consider buying a Powercab 112. I have a Firehawk FX-pedal which I like. Anyone using a Powercab 112 with a Firehawk FX-pedal? And what would be the advantage to go for a Powercab 112 plus. Thanks for sharing your experience. This will help me sort this out ;-) Philippe
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an Amp that I can use to play acoustic and electric guitar and that I can use with a microphone. Until now I only found acoustic amps that I can use with a microphone. And yes, I'd like to continue using my firehawk FX pedal board ... A think the Spider Amps could be a solution for the electric/acoustic combi but it's not clear if I'd be able to use a microphone. Why this question. I'd like to have one amp that I can take with me on the road ... Looking forward to read your answers. Thanks !!! Philippe
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