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    cases ?

    Hi All ! was looking online fo a cace for my F.H. could not find much 1 FH+ 1 exp ped
  2. as a clock face..lev is at 10 o clock @Kilrahi lol
  3. I want a warm tube sound and use my pickup selector switch to add bight at the mo I have to roll off all the tone , all the pres all the treb and work from there...it sucks at the gig I have to hi cut the git inputs from 2 k by - 15 db... that is really really bad ... I have four gigs this week... I am not looking forward to it at all... I need to spend more time with this unit .... idont have that time ... f**k
  4. cheers guys ! all outputs are where they should be . its still the same .. the unut sound tinny mostly on clean sounds .. like a bee farting in a bottle .. I would say synthetic ... I would like to use my old PB to A.B. compare but that is now impossible ( I used a vox tolab se,,, and loved it .. warm sounds in the cleam area and not to great for high gain regular 60.70 +80 s rock was purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect... now that leads me to thinking >: the fhfx is geard towards metal and high gain or my ears suck or have to foget about my sound and become a clone ?????
  5. thanks I believe I was.. but will check in the morning,, the volume this unit puts out is awesome ... almost to hot thanx for your reply T
  6. Hi All ! I am new here and could use a tip or two ! I got my FHFX and had to use it in a hurry.. I programmed a few patches on my studio monitors and /headphones only to find at the gig the sounds where ..... awful to say the least... I know this may not be the fault of the unit but of mine... granted however.> why does my fhfx sound so thin ? the treble is so hot I had to hi cut on my mixer ( I input direct to mixer via the l+r 1/4 inch jacks ) the patches where cut to a bare minimal on the treble pls anyone give me a pointer in the right direction.. my Chain... Strat (usa 1979) line 6 FHFX.>mixer > fullrange FOH
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