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  1. i was hoping this would be easy for me but i guess not. here is the scoop. i have a les paul and a blackstar tube amp. I love the tone and crunch i get from my blackstar's gain channel and it lends itself well to a bunch of songs my band plays. i was told to plug in the firehawk to the fx loop in the back using 4 cables. then on firehawk app turn off all of the effects and under amp setting (clean amps) hit the no amp icon. i did all of this and my clean out of the amp sounds good but when i hit the switch on my blackstar amp to get to my gain crunchy awesome tones all i get is a hiss sound what am i doing wrong .. there must be a way to bypass the firehawk ..or is the only way to do this is to unplug my guitar from firehawk and plug staight into my amp? please help. overall i like the firehawk but i dont want to lose the awesome crunch from my amp
  2. just purchased firehawk so im still a newbie with this. i love the d crunch i get from my Blackstar tube amp dirty channel . so when i want to play a song with just my pure amp sound is there a way to bypass the firehawk completely? or do i have to unplug my guitar out of the firehawk and directly back to my amp i tried to create a firehawk tone by turning off off the cabinet and effects ect. but then my amp tone sounds a bit muffled please help thanks
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