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  1. Yes, I already tried a factory reset but the helix is not even booting, the screen just flashes for a sec and it goes off again.
  2. Controls are non responsive, the helix is not even booting.
  3. I tried to re-flash my device but is not recognized by helix edit or the updater. This is very strange it looks like the helix somehow powers the control but not helix itself.
  4. Hello, my Helix will not power on, I just get a flashing screen (for a second) and then goes into a black screen. Helix control just have a solid color light not text. My unit has always been connected to a Furman power conditioner and I did not get any issues with an update. Unit has always been updated using Windows 10 and it has the latest 3.11 firmware. Has anyone experienced something like this. Where you able to find a solution? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, Where you able to find a solution to this problem? I have the rack unit and it is doing the same thing. I didn't have any issues with an update my unit was working the day before.
  6. Hello everyone new to the forum, I would like to know how can I connect two tube amps both in 4CM to my helix. I have one 6505+ and an ENGL invader that I would like to use with my helix. I tried using helix’s fx loop 1 for the peavey--> output L and helix’s fx loop 2 for the ENGL--> output R. At this point everything sound fine at low volume, but every time I increase the volume using the big volume knob I get a loud feedback noise that is not present when only one amp is connected to the helix, maybe I’m connecting something wrong. Thank you for your help
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