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  1. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    the delays go hard left then right then both so the center cab is always dry but the 3rd delay makes it seem like everything comes back to the middle and meets
  2. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    those numbers were just used as a number thats all. mine are 292/584/888
  3. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    I got it figured out. Thanks your idea got me to the final result.
  4. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    Its 3 delays in a single delay setting. lets say 200/400/600. one is panned hard left the other hard right and the final center. Its something that was made popular with lexicon and steve lukather. Its very different then a stereo or ping pong delay. I run a w/d/w rig centered on a EVH 5150 III amp.
  5. EBMM5150

    Circular delays

    I have been wondering is there a way to do circular delays with the helix rack? I have most things covered and sometimes i only use the helix as a interface to my computer and then other times its my whole sound. I have looked with no luck but was just curious. Thanks for any help!
  6. I know this is a old thread but maybe I can get some help. This video makes it look super easy and with that DAW maybe it is. I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab and i can not figure it out for the life of me. I have tried and tried and just cant figure it out. Anyone have any advice or hints?
  7. so a very clean amp block then since all the gain is gonna be coming from the dry center cab?
  8. OK, I didnt know if i wanna keep the cabinet block to add tone the wet cabs
  9. I was just using the helix into the computer but now I am running into a 5150 1x12. The effects send into the helix and the helix into 2 headrush frfr. Typical w/d/w. My question is do i wanna remove the amp and cabinet blocks from my patches or just the amp block? Thanks
  10. EBMM5150


    would i be able to contact you? coming from fear to a all in one i am kinda confused and your post helped. the video still kind had me lost. Just different worlds
  11. EBMM5150


    that you do brue. i used that for detune only
  12. EBMM5150


    Here"s a picture of my old rig i was talking about in the first post. It seems i can get all that outta the helix and more.
  13. EBMM5150


    Thanks steelstringer.
  14. EBMM5150


    Long story short I built a massive w/d/w rig 15 years ago. 5150 head and cabs and Rack full of gear and pedals and switcher. Pretty much identical to a 90's EVH rig. About 5 years ago I sold all the gear but kept my collection of guitars and pretty much stopped playing. I wanna start playing again but without all the gear so i have really been looking at the helix. I will be running this straight into my computer using the usb. Can I run a w/d/w using the helix into a computer via usb. I use to use cakewalk with 3 mics, one on each cab but now i just wanna do everything simple through one unit. Center will be dry of course and left and right will have pitch and delay both set different. I am new to helix and line 6 but not new to the gear world. I just wanna take everything i had before and put it in one unit and hook up to my computer and jam. Thanks for reading and any help!
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