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  1. I know this is a old thread but maybe I can get some help. This video makes it look super easy and with that DAW maybe it is. I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab and i can not figure it out for the life of me. I have tried and tried and just cant figure it out. Anyone have any advice or hints?
  2. so a very clean amp block then since all the gain is gonna be coming from the dry center cab?
  3. OK, I didnt know if i wanna keep the cabinet block to add tone the wet cabs
  4. I was just using the helix into the computer but now I am running into a 5150 1x12. The effects send into the helix and the helix into 2 headrush frfr. Typical w/d/w. My question is do i wanna remove the amp and cabinet blocks from my patches or just the amp block? Thanks
  5. EBMM5150


    would i be able to contact you? coming from fear to a all in one i am kinda confused and your post helped. the video still kind had me lost. Just different worlds
  6. EBMM5150


    that you do brue. i used that for detune only
  7. EBMM5150


    Here"s a picture of my old rig i was talking about in the first post. It seems i can get all that outta the helix and more.
  8. EBMM5150


    Thanks steelstringer.
  9. EBMM5150


    Long story short I built a massive w/d/w rig 15 years ago. 5150 head and cabs and Rack full of gear and pedals and switcher. Pretty much identical to a 90's EVH rig. About 5 years ago I sold all the gear but kept my collection of guitars and pretty much stopped playing. I wanna start playing again but without all the gear so i have really been looking at the helix. I will be running this straight into my computer using the usb. Can I run a w/d/w using the helix into a computer via usb. I use to use cakewalk with 3 mics, one on each cab but now i just wanna do everything simple through one unit. Center will be dry of course and left and right will have pitch and delay both set different. I am new to helix and line 6 but not new to the gear world. I just wanna take everything i had before and put it in one unit and hook up to my computer and jam. Thanks for reading and any help!
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