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  1. So for years now I've been dissatisfied with my Pods it an extent when played live. When I was a kid I used to run my X3 live into the PA's at my church and not even run a monitor that's how low budged it was. When we used to play with monitors It was a touch better but it was so frustrating. I couldn't follow anything I was playing. I eventually bought 2 harbinger 1x12 floor wedges that were active so I could just plug them in and that was better, but still very frustrating to hear in a mix. There was no attack and no pick noise. Then It kind of occured to me, Monitor wedges aren't speaker cabs. They don't push air like a speaker cab does. The only solution I have found to getting my pod to sound just the way I want it to live, is to run in-ear monitors. A POD sounds like a recorded guitar amp, not a cab, and it would be highly impossible to make a cab IR that could make every monitor wedge sound like a v30 for example. My research concludes if you want a POD for use as a silent solution, the only way to utilize it to it's fullest extent is to put in ears on. If you don't mind a cab on stage, it isn't so bad in combination with a wedge on the floor because you have the natural cab attack to produce the feel and response one needs to play accurately once volumes become too high to hear your strings on your guitar. MANY articles of research online agree, digital modeling does compare to tube tone today, and many agree there is no difference. I think I just needed to clarify my research on here for anyone interested in learning to make the most of their pod if they're dissatisfied with it. Good luck.
  2. tpawlowskis

    HD500x cabs

    Line 6, the cabs on the HD are horrendous, I'm sorry but I can't stress it enough. The only cab I am pretty content with is the XXX cab and the Uber cab. With the XXX it has a very good translation to a live monitor wedge. It's also easier to notch out the low end on it using EQ where I need to than to low shelf the other ones (doesn't work well at all). Please. Please please, I am begging you, figure out what's going on with these cabs. There has to be some update we can do. The remastered JCM 800 sounded a great deal better. Sounded raw, like a real amp. I'm literally at the point I'm going to have to add a laptop to my pedalboard with Poulin LeCab on it just to fix what I really don't feel i should have to fix. Just remember what I'm saying here. The cabs are for the most part useable in a quiet format, but once turned up it's pretty frustrating that the treadplate cab is probably what I would vote the lousiest cab in the entire collect. Everything about it is shrill and impossible to work with at stage volumes. YES I TWEAK AT VOLUME. I spend alot of time with my monitor wedge in my face.
  3. What you'll need: Pod HD floor unit White electrical tape Sharpie marker See attached picture I won't go into how to program the pod because there's tons of articles out there. Use google to find them. I simply put my HD in FS 5-8 mode and make a single preset for each song. I labeled my pod for where I want my footswitch commands to be on each preset. I created a Stomp II and a Special stomp box for those songs that either need a different stomp besides my usual tube screamer or some wacky synthesizer effect. My gripes with it: Line 6 doesn't create enough DSP to use every foot switch as it's own effect block in my oppinion. Some may find it easier. You can't A/B two dual amp setups in FS 5-8 configuration. This would have been nice to have for having dual clean and dual driven amps. That's pretty much it Use this technique to get a more pro feel to your board. Alot easier and less noobish than trying to synchronize 4 different amp setups and make them all sound like the same rig. The only reason I see why people go back to FS ABCD is when you need too many effects to fit into one patch.
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