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  1. taracatac

    Helix Native no signal / sound in Reaper

    Someone on the gear page helped me out, it was the Record Monitoring button that was off.
  2. I am trying to run Native through Reaper using my HX Stomp as an audio interface. I have outputs 1/2 enabled on USB and inputs 5/6 enabled on USB for inputs. Recording is armed in Reaper. I am trying to use Native without any processing from the stomp. Reaper gets a signal from my guitar, but nothing is going in or out of Native. Any ideas?
  3. taracatac

    Midi controls yet ?

    How can I program preset changes? I have the snapshots and stomps working, but I can't change to different presets. I am using the FBV Shortboard MK II as well. I am running Native in Mini Host Modular. It lets you run VSTs without an actual DAW.
  4. taracatac

    HX Stomp FAQ

    That doesn't really answer my question either, which is why I posted here. AFAIK, the midi control capabilities for the HX Stomp are somewhat limited, and probably won't work for my intended purpose. It appears an interface and MIDI controller is the way to go.
  5. taracatac

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Instead of having an audio interface and midi controller, to control Native, I was thinking I could use the HX Stomp in place of both. So I am hoping I can control Native via MIDI through the Stomp. I could also use the stomp as an ultra portable rig.
  6. taracatac

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I have Native. Can HX Stomp control Native? I want to be able to change snapshots and presets with the Stomp. It would be a great way for me to use presets with more than 6 blocks when needed.
  7. taracatac

    Can I control Native with HX Stomp?

    Thanks for the reply, that applies to HX Effects though, not sure if it also applies to HX Stomp.
  8. I have Native, but I am interested in getting the HX Stomp. My idea, is that if I need more than 6 blocks, I can load presets / snapshots in Native through the foot switches on the HX stomp. Is this possible? Thanks
  9. taracatac

    Can't load IR's Out of memory error

    That was it! I had an IR that was 1kb that was causing the problem!
  10. taracatac

    Can't load IR's Out of memory error

    Thanks, for the info, I will give it a try.
  11. taracatac

    Can't load IR's Out of memory error

    Resetting didn't work either. I have opened a ticket with Line6 support.
  12. taracatac

    Can't load IR's Out of memory error

    Yes, I have rebooted both. I am backing up everything now, and will do a factory reset. I am on version 2.3
  13. taracatac

    Can't load IR's Out of memory error

    I am unable to load IRs through HX Edit. Either importing or drag and drop gives the following error: Failed to import one or more impulses. (Out of memory condition. [code-2] Anyone else have this issue?