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  1. Yeah, my bad. Forgot that step this time. I did it all again. Re-flashed the Shuriken and loaded the bundle (BTW: User III position 1 is the Tumbi/Banjo). Oddly the 1st time when I re-flashed it I told it not to remember the presets. It overwrote the presets but not the alternate tunings. It looked the same as in the pic above with the "DropD". I did get a MIDI error on that attempt so I rebooted and flashed it again. This time the alternate tuning were also reset, so it's a clean install. But the behavior is the same I can't overwrite the Standard and Baritone positions. I have noticed that on the clean install with default tunings the alternate tuning knob will always light up when selecting a new position. If a position is overwritten it will no longer light when moving that position. If I attempt to overwrite all positions with the Tuning ==> Manage in WB like the picture above, only the Standard and Baritone LEDs will light on selection. Presuming they haven't/can't be overwritten.
  2. I flashed the firmware again. UserIII Toggle1 is the Spank1 preset (screenshot attached) and sounds like I would expect it. But I noticed something this time. After flashing the firmware, the tuning knob LED will light up on all the positions. But after I overwrite the positions on the tuning knob in WB, the LED lights only on the Standard and Baritone positions. It does not light on the positions that were overwritten successfully. The only change I made to these tunings was to compensate for the physical Drop D by tuning the 6th string up 2 semitones (BTW, it's pretty silly to have all the models assume physical drop D, but not the tuning knob). Thanks for your continued support.
  3. Yeah. One of the 1st things I did. Is there a hardware reset procedure?
  4. Thanks for the reply, but no dice. Monkey shows SR270, which is correct. WB shows the same, v2.23. I've loaded the Shuriken Presets back in and still nothing. The knob also has the same behavior, when I turn to those settings the orange LED comes on. That must mean something. I don't really want to try to set another position in case that's what is causing them to go into this state. What if I disconnect the battery for a while to reset it that way? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, y'all. Having a weird one. I can't overwrite the Standard and Baritone positions on the alternate tuning knob with either WB or on-the-fly. All the others I can overwrite fine. Also, when I select those 2 positions, an orange LED lights up. That doesn't happen on the ones that work. I attempted the on-the-fly alternate tuning on the Standard position, but never got it to work. So I don't know if that position is now in some weird state or what. I just factory reset the guitar but getting the same results. Anyone else have this issue and/or know how to resolve it? Thanks.
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