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  1. I appreciate the help, but I want to repeat the anomaly or whatever happened though, not delete it. I was hopping someone else had come across this and had a tip how to get it to latch, instead of momentary ... secret hand shake, nod, wink ... something
  2. I have used the PRESS/HOLD but this is definitely set with PRESS/RELASE The kicker is this is what I want it to do but I can’t replicate it. So it sounds like I have an anomaly. I wish this was a feature, it is super helpful. Seems like this should be a setting. I will look into the CC commands.
  3. It isn't set to PRESS/HOLD, it is set to PRESS/RELEASE and working latched, I just can't repeat it in other presets.
  4. Hello, NEED HELP...PLEASE! I have an HX Effects and I am using Command Center to program a button inside a preset to flip between snapshot 1 and snapshot 2. I have the button programed on PRESS/RELEASE so that when I PRESS it goes to snapshot 2 and REALEASE it goes to snapshot 1. I currently have it set as follows, and when press the button it LATCHES to snapshot 2, then when I want I press the button again it RELEASE and it goes to snapshot 1, this is what I am looking for! The issue is, I set this up in one preset, and when I went to another preset to repeat this process the button is only momentarily switched, NOT latching. What did I do right the first time that I am messing up on repeat?
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