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  1. Hi, I posted about this problem in the Helix forum but it's better placed here. I have run into a problem when running the Helix stereo XLR's into the Monitor inputs on the back of the Firehawk, the sound is extremely compressed/hard limited and the volume is very low. If I run it in mono it sounds great, plenty of volume and great dynamics, as soon as I plug in the 2nd XLR the volume is halved and super compressed. Can anyone suggest what might be causing the problem in stereo? I've run the helix in stereo into a P.A. with no problems, it's just the Firehawk, I've also tried different volume configurations.
  2. I'm not using a blue tooth device, just guitar into Helix and Helix out into the Firehawk. Im pretty underwhelmed by the Firehawk so far, I think I'm gonna send it back and get a CLR or a just a decent monitor.
  3. I've just tried the Helix through headphones and it's fine so deffo something at the Firehawk end, just read a thread in the Firehawk section with someone having the same problem, seems to be fine running in mono but it's like there is too much level in Stereo and it's limiting it really hard.
  4. I'm having exactly this problem, running Helix XLR left and right into FH monitor ins. It sounds like everything is hugely compressed, it's unusable as it is, can anyone suggest how I can configure it to sort this problem, I've got a gig coming up this weekend and really need to get it sorted.
  5. Hi, I've just got a helix and Firehawk to replace my Hd500 dt25 rig. I'm running stereo xlrs out of the helix into the monitor ins on the FH and my signal is coming through with a crazy amount of compression (I'm not using any compressors). If I hit a note on a lead sound it starts off quiet and then volume swells. I've tried toggling pad on the input, input gate and fiddled with impedance and it's still squashing the sound. Has anyone else experienced this?
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