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  1. I found a suitable workaround using the Instant values in Snapshots. The Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) has its own 7 button footswitch. The behavior of those buttons can be modified by the EDPs front-panel and saved as a preset on the device. The presets can be switched via midi. So, I have setup the instant midi command to call a preset for each of my Snapshots.
  2. Hi Phil, Thanks for the feedback. That didn't seem to work, as when I changed presets to my "Midi Preset", all the effects in my "Effect Preset" turned off. Let me describe a little more what I want to do: Go to a preset and turn on some effects, like delay and reverb. Go to another preset/screen where all 6 buttons send CC to my looper. Loop the delayed and reverb tone while running the looper through the 6 footswitches on the HX Effects. Go back to first preset and continue playing.
  3. I'm new to the Helix party! So far I"m loving it. I've been primarily an analog guy until now, because I despise bad user-interfaces. IMO, the UI in the Helix universe is second-to-none. I'm shocked by how well thought out the system is. I am having 1 issue that I haven't figured out. I want to control my Gibson Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) through Midi using the HX Effects. I have it all attached and was able to go into the Command Center and assign a footswitch to send the correct CC command to the device, so I know it is working. Is it possible to have a preset where all 6 footswitches *ONLY* send CC notes and another preset where I have HX Effects turned on. For example, I would like to get a delay and reverb going, switch presets, control my EDP and record a loop with the delay and reverb, and switch back to the previous preset and turn on/off the effects?
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