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  1. Only as a studio effect and even then I'd stick to doing it with a reamp. Might as well do it as a software plugin in the DAW at that point.
  2. What you're probably looking to do is called "reamp" You essentially run your guitar clean into the DAW, then run the track in and out through the hardware you want to reamp. You have to let the track play through the effects pedal in real time and usually you do this to make new track with the effects baked in.
  3. Well, that's helpful, but more helpful for me is finding out from a comment there that press and turn a parameter sets that parameter to snapshots! That's mostly all I really want to do anyway: when I'm in a snapshot, change the parameter and have it stick. I just need to press it down while I turn! Awesome!
  4. Too bad.... And unfortunately I can't really even see reusing the same settings for many different presets to make it helpful if copy/past in the editor even helps at all either. At least it's not too hard to map the controller when going into a new snapshot once you learn the order of things.
  5. Let's say I have a pedalboard layout designed, and I basically want to be able to freely adjust anything and everything through different snapshots. Basically so that I can switch to Snapshot 2 (or whatever) and change knob positions for half a dozen different knobs and effects and have them stick in that snapshot. I know how to do this, but it seems tedious to have to set the controller for every parameter to snapshots manually. Is there a way to just turn that feature ON for everything in a preset?
  6. That was really what I needed, I just needed a little insight to push me in the right direction. Setting the dim value to 100 and adjusting the lit value was the key. Got it working exactly as intended now.
  7. I am running the Helix Floor and the TC Helicon Voicelive 3 in the same rig. The Voicelive 3 has an external pedal option for either a 3 button switch (TRS, like any 3 button amp switcher) or a 6 button switch (that operates on CV values with different resistors in the pedal for each switch). In both cases the switches the Voicelive expects are simply momentary. Can't remember if they're normally open or normally closed switches, and that's probably the crux of my issue. So I'm trying to see if I can get the Helix to produce at least the 3 button switch behavior, but ideally I'd have settings figured out to provide any of the 6 button switch configurations outputs through the CV out on the Helix. On the Amp Ext out I can get the Tip and Ring to work, but the T+R switch also activates one of the other buttons on release of the Helix switch. Similar problems with the CV out, and I'm having a tough time finding the values that the Helix should send to the Voicelive to get it to react consistently. Ultimately what happens is one thing happens on press, and another happens on release. I have tried setting them both up as latched and momentary, and both are problematic (and momentary should be the behavior that works). I suspect the TRS emulation is the most possible to get to work, but I might need to try a different way of switching. Is there a way to get the Helix to emulate NC switches instead of NO for the CV out? Why does the Amp Ext also do something on release of the switch? Anyone else have trouble like this they've worked through or have ideas on what I can try?
  8. That's what I was looking for! The "Preset Mode Switches" setting. I had it set to the default where it shows 8 presets. Didn't realize this was the setting that was swapped in and out of with the top right switch.
  9. So I haven't historically been a big user of snapshots, but I"m finding some use for them right now. I typically have my Floor set up default switch config with bank up/down on the left and 8 switches set for changing individual or multiple effects on a preset. It seems to me that I have essentially three footswitches that enter the preset selection (bank up, bank down, and Mode (upper right switch). There is only one way to enter snapshot selection, and that's by pressing the bank up/down buttons simultaneously. Am I right? Is there a setting to enter snapshots that I'm missing? I do not want to set up the switches to lose a row of effect on/off switches to selecting snapshots, I know I can do that. Is there any way at all to enter snapshot selection with a single switch?
  10. The Helix bypass when using the 1/4" out is really good. I have my globals set so that the master volume does not affect the 1/4" out at all, and I just (after many years) got a tube amp again. I put the Helix in front for effects but no amp/cab modeling of course. I decided I wanted to know how much it changed things so I put the Helix in a true bypass loop and put the Helix in and out of the signal chain. No change in tone at all, no change in volume. I hear the pop of the 3PDT switch but no other change at all. Next thing I'm going to do is test the DI on my amp and compare that to the IR that is supposed to be of the same amp/cab as the amp provided by that company (Hughes & Kettner) and see if they sound even remotely like each other.
  11. Thanks rd2rk, that confirms what I thought. Unfortunate. On the plus side, it's simple enough to just toggle the effect on/off using the FX Loop features already in the Helix. If I actually needed presets to change and couldn't get to the pedal itself to do it, I could just set it up with Snapshot control. The pedal is awesome, and actually I got it for using with bassoon! I need a very flexible envelope filter for that use. Although it's tight on bass too (I do a little bass and a little guitar but mostly use it with my wind playing).
  12. It's the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter Pro (by Source Audio). Their manual has the numbers 1 off from the parameters of the Helix. I would like to have the single button on the Helix send PC 1 and then 6 on subsequent click, for instance. I don't need it to send more than one message at a time, I just want it to send messages alternating depending on the last press, I guess. Like latching.
  13. I want to connect the MIDI out to a pedal that uses Program Changes to select presets. I can do this but the issue is the slave pedal uses program change 6 to bypass, and 0-5 as selecting presets (there are 6 presets capable on the slave pedal). Is there a way to set a single switch to engage Program Change 0 and Program Change 6, as a kind of latching switch? This would let one switch on the Helix behave like a single switch on the slave pedal, where the preset switches toggle the effect on/off. If I want to do more switching than this I'm guessing I can make snapshots send the proper PC signals, but that's for another topic if I have issues.
  14. Picking up a Tubemeister 18, not the 36. A lot of the posts on this forum are about the 36 and using MIDI. The 18 only has a TRS jack for a two button footswitch. Just trying to look ahead on how to configure this with the Helix, if anyone has that setup or similar already. Looking for advice. Does the template with "external amp and pedals" function with this setup? Seems like some people have had issues with this sometimes. Just trying to get ahead of the game.
  15. Ideascale. Some links here: https://line6.com/support/topic/14497-helix-ideascale-community-submissions/ Look for similar submissions and vote for them rather than making new ones (unless nothing like your suggestion is there already)
  16. Most of the videos I might have are with me using a TC Helicon Voicelive actually, as I haven't actually incorporated the Helix into any groups that have gotten far enough along for recording. I have some recordings where I was using an M13, so a lot of the same effects. Look up "Art for Hunting" on youtube or here: http://www.artforhunting.com/videos.html (old website)
  17. I use it with my bassoon. The flexible of the Helix makes it a good choice for us wind players.
  18. I have both, and I've messed with ways of hooking them together, but I suspect most people probably just want to run them separately. Use the Voicelive for vocals and the Helix for guitars. But the Helix has a WAY better looper, so that might be a good option to consider running them together. An option to consider to keep effects discrete and not get things blended together. Use 1/4 cables out of the guitar out for the guitar signal and XLR will be vocals. Use an XLR>1/4" cable for this. Set your guitar output initially to one of the Effects sends, and send that to the input of the Voicelive. Run stereo returns 1+2 if you want. All guitar effects come first, so this effect loop will be at the end of your Helix signal chain. Set all the effects on the Voicelife, turn off the cab sim, make sure the amp is set to "Acoustic" or whatever for no amp change. Run the vocals directly into the Voicelive, and send them out using your XLR>1/4 cable to returns 3&4. In the Helix, this becomes a new input, probably on the bottom two paths. Now you can loop your guitar effected from the Helix and the vocals, using the Voicelive Looper. Vocals and backing track will run through the vocals stereo channel (if you set it up for stereo) in the Helix. Set your outputs to keep discrete stereo channels if you can.
  19. I also use a TC Helicon Voicelive 3, which lets you use a MIDI keyboard to control the harmony aspect of the vocal processor. You can either have it just detect the general harmony and have it decide on the pitches based on the input pitch the vocal is singing, or the MIDI can control the harmony exactly (sort of like a vocoder) where if you play C4 on the MIDI keyboard that is the harmony note produced by the pedal, regardless of the pitch input. Is there any similar feature in the Helix? I really doubt it but it would be a KILLER feature for me if possible. The implementation I would think, would be on the Dual Pitch to set the interval 1 and interval 2 setting to "MIDI" and that controls the harmony (two voice maximum I guess, which is kinda small but doable).
  20. Let's not forget it was the parents that decided to have participation trophies, not the kids. Don't blame the kids for the environment they grew up in (if the participation trophy trope wasn't thoroughly overdone anyway). Most kids that got participation trophies knew it was bulllollipop. I'm 38 years old, do I fit into that generation or no? I don't remember ever getting a participation trophy.
  21. You know you're not all that wrong, unfortunately. I'm always the last one packed up in my band. To make matters worse I also have the pedalboard, an amp, and a keyboard to put away... You seem to know an awful lot about the instrument. ;-)
  22. Oh hi guys, what's going on in this thread? (this is pre-helix me sitting in with a band that I didn't really know their music all that well)
  23. They'll sound different, since they'll be in a very buffered signal path. Just don't expect them to sound like Guitar > Fuzz (or whatever) > Amp, if you put them in the effects loop. They'll work, and you'll get good sounds out of them, but they won't sound like they're inside a fully true-bypass pedalboard setup.
  24. Thanks for the feedback (pun intended) folks. Right now I'm using this microphone thing with a different instrument other than guitar, and just testing with my home PA which has no mixer, just Helix to stereo FRFR powered speakers. I put the tube preamp block with some low cut and then a couple of parametric EQ blocks after it so I had a number of slots. Thanks to this thread, I have learned that I have been thinking of Q in a parametric EQ completely wrong. Higher number is more focused! Go figure. So I managed to notch out four frequencies (I have a tuner that identifies the Hz as well, since I'm not that immediate at the pitch/Hz relationships yet) that were feeding back and could get a really much louder sound without problems.
  25. Not a noise gate, but something specifically for feedback issues. I'm thinking something along the lines of an EQ that you can notch out problem frequencies. Or better yet, something dynamic that finds feedback frequencies and kills them. Basically a model for this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FBQ1000--behringer-fbq1000-feedback-destroyer This would be very helpful for those of us that use microphones with the Helix Floor, or acoustic guitar players. Does that exist and I just don't know about it? Should I vote for something on Ideascale?
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