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  1. Thanks for all the input. I played around with it. I guess the harmonizer just sounds bad. Unfortunately not something Line6 seems to be good at. Oh well, I now use my harmonizer from the 1990s (via send/return) and its great :-)
  2. Thanks for the answers. I will try a little bit playing around with it.
  3. No I mean single notes. I don't think it sounds well enough to play live unfortunately
  4. Hello everyone, at the moment I am using the HX Effects in front of an older Vox AC30 which sounds good. Only the Harmonizer Sound is pretty bad. The harmonics/notes sound pretty harsh almost distorted (also when the amp is clean). Is this normal for this setup (no FXLoop)? Thanks Marc
  5. b418me

    Long Delay

    Thanks everyone that helped. I got ii to Work somehow. Its a little Strange that you have to let the exp all the way Up and Turn Off the effectblock thou.
  6. b418me

    Long Delay

    Hello everyone, I am trying to set up a delay like shown in this video (Pink Floyd kind of delay endless layer type, see at 10:15): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xEsL8Od9Tw Anyways, I have done this with my former Boss GT-100 as well as with my Kemper. I can't find the right settings with my HX Stomp. Assigning the Delay Volume to the expression pedal (as shown in the video) works but when turning down the Delay volume the whole unit/sound is off. With the Boss and Kemper this is not the case but the delay layer sound goes on in the background and you can add a solo over it. What am i doing wrong? Thanks! Marc
  7. to get it right: all the commercial presets for the Helix only use what everyone has got on the helix? With the Kemper you can create your own amp/cab (profiling) and upload it for everyone. Professional made rigs here tend to sound much better since they are done in a studio environment. But with the Helix everyone is using the built in amps/cabs and just "playing around" with the given parameters?
  8. mh, I just start with the Helix Stomp. Using a Kemper for many years I have to say that using commercial (meaning professional made) patches (or rigs as they are called there) work very well in different environments and with just a bit of tweaking. That's why I asked concerning commercial/professional presets for the Stomp. Maybe there are some that built "ready to live use" with little tweaking.
  9. Hello again, I checked the presets that one can buy and was wondering if there are any good presets for a live use (using guitar into stomp into poweramp into cab). I think these patches would not need any cab sims or ir's and only use the amp or pre amp? But I think most commercial presets are more for studio use?
  10. Thanks for the tipps. I will try a little bit around with the new unit.
  11. so how do you approach the preset design with this setup (sorry, I am usually a Kemper guy)? do you use just the preamp, or Amp, or Amp+Cab? Do you make the sound at home or when playing with the band?
  12. Hello, who uses the Helix Stomp live in front of a poweramp and into a cabinet? I am trying to find some good presets for live use (all different styles) in this combination (my poweramp is a Marshall Valvestate). How do you set up a preset for this live use? Thanks Ash
  13. Hello people, my question: Will the EP1-KP work with the HX Stomp? I got this expression pedal for my Kemper (obviously). Will it work with the Stomp? I don't get it to work so far. Thanks Norman
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