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  1. Well thanks for testing around with my problem with interesting results. I will work a little more on that. For now: why use EQ when I can switch to "Inverted". Or do you think it should stay on "Normal" and better use EQ?
  2. Thanks for the input. Very interesting... So what I did so far: First I used a new patch without any effects and just added the Effects-Loop 1+2 in parallel with the Mixer set 100% left and 100% right. With this setting it stayed the same: better/thicker sound when inverted and not normal. So it can't be blocks that are causing it, I would say. Then I checked the cabs. Thanks for the link. Everything fine here (red=+ and black = -). I also used two different cabs and used all possible configurations with 4 cabs - still the same: better/thicker sound when inverted and not normal. And also: I checked every constellation with including the ping pong delay: every time in normal mode the repeats of the delay sounded distorted, thin and much too quiet (maybe you can argue about the sound in normal and inverted. Maybe it is just my ears but the ping pong delays in normal are 100% not intended). With inverted everything normal. So maybe that is just what it is and inverted is the new "normal"? But then again: So still, no clue what is going on. The one thing I learned from all this: always have one footswitch assigned to the normal/invert in every patch so that you can fastly switch if needed. OK, if you use the same setup (cabs etc.) all the time it wouldn't be necessary but if you are running into different cabs (maybe share a stage and use the backline there etc.) the normal/inverted-footswitch is, hopefully, a good solution. :-)
  3. Thanks for your answer. I already panned both left and right. I will check the wiring. So the polarity is only a matter of internal wiring/cables and speaker and not DC or other?
  4. OK, attached is the preset. I am running it like this: Guitar into Treble Booster info Wireless into HX Effects Input Left. Then Send 1 into Amp 1 Input and Amp 1 Send into Return 1 HX and HX Out Left into Amp 1 Return into Cab 1 (Celestion Vintage 30) Send 2 into Amp 2 Input and Amp 2 Send into Return 2 HX and HX Out Right into Amp 2 Return into Cab 2 (Celestion G12H 70 anniversary) I also have an expression pedal and midi footswitch attached to the HX Effects. Both Amps are Vox MV50 AC. One more thing: in the patch you see a ping pong delay after the Loop. When the loop B Polarity is normal the delays left and right sound thin and distorted. When B Polarity is inverted it sound fine. Thanks! Sound.hlx
  5. So I am running the Helix Effects with the 7 Cable Method. I am using FX Loop 1 and FX Loop 2 in a Split Path. Before the Split there are only mono effects. After the Split stereo effects. The Mixer is panned 100% left and 100% right. I was wondering: when I change the "B Polarity" in the Mixer from normal to Inverted the overall sound is (much) better ("more bass"). In the manual it says "Typically, this should be set to "Normal."" My question: can I just leave it with "inverted" or is there for example a wiring or DC problem that I should focus on? I am afraid that the sound might change again in a different gig location. Then again I don't quiete understand what the B Polarity really means. Maybe someone can help. Thanks!
  6. ...I am using Helix Effects...
  7. Hello, can I somehow display/show the Snapshot Number when using the 6 Button Stomp Mode? Thanks Ashley
  8. Thanks for all the input. I played around with it. I guess the harmonizer just sounds bad. Unfortunately not something Line6 seems to be good at. Oh well, I now use my harmonizer from the 1990s (via send/return) and its great :-)
  9. Thanks for the answers. I will try a little bit playing around with it.
  10. No I mean single notes. I don't think it sounds well enough to play live unfortunately
  11. Hello everyone, at the moment I am using the HX Effects in front of an older Vox AC30 which sounds good. Only the Harmonizer Sound is pretty bad. The harmonics/notes sound pretty harsh almost distorted (also when the amp is clean). Is this normal for this setup (no FXLoop)? Thanks Marc
  12. b418me

    Long Delay

    Thanks everyone that helped. I got ii to Work somehow. Its a little Strange that you have to let the exp all the way Up and Turn Off the effectblock thou.
  13. b418me

    Long Delay

    Hello everyone, I am trying to set up a delay like shown in this video (Pink Floyd kind of delay endless layer type, see at 10:15): Anyways, I have done this with my former Boss GT-100 as well as with my Kemper. I can't find the right settings with my HX Stomp. Assigning the Delay Volume to the expression pedal (as shown in the video) works but when turning down the Delay volume the whole unit/sound is off. With the Boss and Kemper this is not the case but the delay layer sound goes on in the background and you can add a solo over it. What am i doing wrong? Thanks! Marc
  14. to get it right: all the commercial presets for the Helix only use what everyone has got on the helix? With the Kemper you can create your own amp/cab (profiling) and upload it for everyone. Professional made rigs here tend to sound much better since they are done in a studio environment. But with the Helix everyone is using the built in amps/cabs and just "playing around" with the given parameters?
  15. mh, I just start with the Helix Stomp. Using a Kemper for many years I have to say that using commercial (meaning professional made) patches (or rigs as they are called there) work very well in different environments and with just a bit of tweaking. That's why I asked concerning commercial/professional presets for the Stomp. Maybe there are some that built "ready to live use" with little tweaking.
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