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  1. perapera's post in Stomp, Line, Amp, -10, +4dbv was marked as the answer   
    hi optimus_7
    1) the problem of the level drop at the send is well known on this forum, I did many tests on my pod,
    please read here:
    2) sorry your assumptions are wrong, there is NO +4dBu nominal level input or output on the pod
    all the "line" are roughly at -10dBV and all the "amp" and "stomp" are at instrument level,
    while the XLR's are at a (actually hot) microphone level
    +4 is for studio-grade signal processors
    3) also don't be fooled by labels, +4dBu, -10dBV, stomp, line, amp, instrument ... are the NOMINAL level labeling
    so a +4 OUTput sends a higher level than a -10
    BUT a +4 INput (like the return jack) "waits for" a higher level so it's in fact attenuating the input signal (or, more rarely, the corresponding -10 INput is amplifying it)
    when you select "stomp" on the fx loop it's sending a lower level and boosting at the return
    when you select "line" it's boosting the send and attenuating the return
    this is the normal behaviour of any fx loop (even that of your amp)
    4) "if I change the Unbalanced Out on the POD HD to LINE, my volume drops significantly and the gain doubles..."
    that's really weird, could it be power amp compression/distortion?
    the output switch should attenuate by roughly 12dB on the amp position which is intended to connect to an amp guitar input
    the line position should be right for an amp fx return
    the most "correct" starting point settings would be:
    pod fx loop to stomp,
    amp fx loop to -10,
    and pod output to line
    but experimentation and your ears are the guide
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