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  1. I have Helix rack now for + 3 years . I’m running it through velocity 300 into 4 12 cab. Any one using Fryette 2/50/2 or Fryette 2/90/2 ? I see a lot of people using the Fryette power station but anyone using the 2/50/2 or 2/90/2 ? That can leave a review for either as such .
  2. I had a art eq that I Bought for a different set up few years ago just plugged in the loop before my velocity amp did a couple of cuts and that works for 90% of my Patches The first distortion pedal I owned was a art it had some sort of noise gate built in it. I never needed a gate because of that pedal,,,,, finally died though Had a flood in the basement a month ago I believe it was 20 years old
  3. I run into 2 rockton 300 bridged at 8 ohm into 2 4x12 cabs one cab loaded with V 30 s and the other with t12-75. Doesn't get any better .I bought seismic cabs and got all my speaker one by one on eBay.
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