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  1. Just a few questions re the RF side of the XD-V55 receiver: Is it a true RF diversity receiver - eg 2 antennas, 2 tuners, and the receiver automatically selects strongest signal? Experience with directional antennas: do both antennas have to be identical directional model, or can one antenna be the standard omni? anyone try one or two DIY "biquad" directional 2.4GHz antennas? (many examples online) thanks!
  2. The problem with combining antennas to one RF input is that you get into unpredictable RF phase cancellations which could, at a minimum, mess up the directionality of individual antennas, and at worst create a bunch of nulls that reduce coverage. Assuming you're an audio guy, you know the phase cancellations possible when two or more physically separated mics are picking up the same thing. Same idea.
  3. Hi All. First post. I do some field recording (nature, sound effects, etc) and I'm intending to do some location recording for indy films/videos. I just bought a used XD-V55L (wireless lav set) at a great price, to use as a wireless mic on location. Is anyone else here using the Line 6 wireless mics for film/video? Any advice for using this sort of 2.4 GHz digital mic for locations? Tips and tricks? In my tests so far, the connection is good and solid, no dropouts I'm a bit concerned about the noise floor comming out of the receiver battery life acceptable I'm expecting(hoping) that most shooting locations won't be as problematic as doing live sound when it comes to 2.4G interference, but time will tell. Thanks in advance.
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