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  1. Interesting that it's narrower than the Strat, I definitely found the Strat easier to play for some reason.
  2. OK thanks - shame it won't fit the Standards. Don't have a Strat neck to try it.
  3. Hi, I have a Variax Standard. I like the sounds but I find the neck a bit wide for me and bit sharp at the edges. Would it be possible to have a guitar tech change the neck for something like an American Strat neck? I wouldn't want to try it myself as I'm not that technical.
  4. I have a Variax and am looking to get the Helix rack. I will be using a wireless system rather than a Variax cable. I know it's possible to use the Aux input for guitar, but in the cheat sheet it says to plug a guitar or bass with active pickups in this input. It looks like only the guitar input at the front has a Hi Z impedance i.e is the best input for guitar. I'm thinking of getting a wireless receiver to sit on top of the Helix rack, so would rather have a short patch lead going into the back of the Helix. Would the aux input or one of the return jacks work as well as the guitar input? It's kind of similar to my last question but just working out how I'm going to the routing. Would have been really nice to have had another hi-z guitar input on the back.
  5. OK great - thanks for the info
  6. I'm thinking of getting a Helix Rack when it comes out, and would like to use it with a Shure GLXD4 wireless receiver, placed on top of the Helix rack, as I already have the Shure transmitter. Would I be able to use the aux in on the back of the Helix rack as an instrument input, or would I have to have a short guitar cable coming out of the receiver to the front of the Helix. Being able to plug in behind the Helix would be a neater option. Any info would be gratefully received.
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