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  1. My JVT-89F got knocked over yesterday breaking off the tuning peg of the high "E" string ;( Anyone know where I can get a new replacement? TIA
  2. I regularly gig with mine, I used to go to gigs with four guitars. Now, I only take my JTV 89F. I totally love it, and it has so far been rock solid. I am glad, because I don't carry a backup. It has replaced my American Strat as my #1. I go through a HD 500X and into a Fender Hot Rod DeVille. Sounds great and allows me to sound more like the original. We play Country, classic rock, blues and southern rock and I love how I can make my guitar sound more like the original recording.
  3. I bought mine new, and just looked it over very well, and tried each feature to make sure it all works. Mine came with the soft gig bag, which I never got to use. The zipper was broken, didn't want to hassle with sending it back. I use a hard case and it fit in one of my old airline hard case so, that is what I use to transport it. As for the cable. I had an old Variax 300 and I am using that cable because I like it better than the one that came with my guitar. I gig with mine all the time. Love it. Hope you love yours too. I got mine in black.
  4. I go into the front end of my Hot Rod Deville 410 all the time at gigs. I love it. I am looking for a smaller and lighter amp, but for now it has all worked great. I play everything from country, classic rock, and blues. I play a Variax JTV 89F with a HD500X. I do get some noise depending on settings, not sure if I have a FX loop on my amp. I never knew I should be going through the FX loop. I will have to check tonight when I get home. My amp is so powerful, I don't crank it, but use it more as a stage monitor and I mic it with a SM57
  5. I have both XTLive and now a HD 500X. I love the 500X. I have only had it 3 weeks. I feel the sounds are richer and better. Over all more quiet when not being played. I can't seem to find a "Sweet Child 'O Mine" wah pedal sound that I like. The hardest thing for me to get used to now is the menus on the 500X. I know it will take some time, but I feel the XT was much more intuitive. I am sure I will eventually get it figured out.
  6. I am got going to dig in till the warranty is over. I am just planning on doing the things everyone else suggest software wise. I have a gig in two weeks, that I had wanted the guitar for. I will see if I can get away with the songs at rehersal then decide from there.
  7. If anyone is keeping count or score. I received my black JVT 89F Monday. Yes, it has the plink too :( I will look for a home brew fix, or some way of reducing it instead of returning, because I figure. I want one of these, and there is no guarantee that any replacements won't have the issue. So, I decided to find a livable solution for live performances.
  8. Thank you for your responses guys. I will give it a try tonight. I knew it could be done. Just didn't know how. I just got my set up and so far I love it.
  9. Hi everyone, hope I did my search right. I couldn't find what I am looking for. So, here it is. I play mandolin and don't want to lug an amp with me. So, I made a patch I called Mandolin in my HD. My Variax JTV 89F and other guitars use the regular guitar inputs. So, I wanted my Mandolin patch to use the Aux input. My question is, I only want my Aux input 1 source when I call up my Mandolin patch,and input 1 to be guitar for any other patch. I can't seem to get this to change back and forth to Aux or to guitar as I change patches. I won't have my HD edit connected to when I am on stage so, I would like my patches to control my input sources. Any suggestions?
  10. I would be interested and have thought about a mandolin sound also. With the Variax/HD combo. I don't get my 89F till the end of the month, so I can't try until then.
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