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  1. Thanks for checking! I had given that a try already. When i change to a clean sound the distortion on the drums goes away. That's why I don't think it's input level distortion, it's from the tone/dist effect. I will run through that again though, just in case I msised something..
  2. I just got a beatBuddy drum pedal. I want to record song ideas into the Spider Jam so I plug the drum pedal in MP3/CD 1/8 inch jack, the guitar into the guitar jack and when I record (with input set to guitar) I just get just the guitar. If I plug the beat buddy into the 1/4 inch AUX and set the input yo AUX/MIC I get clean drums and no guitar. If I hold down the input button for 2 seconds and select "mix with guitar" then I get drums and guitar recorded but the drums share the overdrive tone used for the guitar and gets all distorted (this is not input level distortion, it's from the tone/dist effect). Am I missing a way to record a clean beat buddy pedal and the distorted guitar sound on the Spider Jam? The routing seems odd. Think of it as playing your own backing track into the spider via the MP3 input and playing along, BUT you want to record it to the Spider JAM's internal recording. Can't seem to do it without mono-ising it as a WAV and moving it to the SD card..
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