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  1. So far the only way I’ve found is to pull a delay down to path b, set it to a single repeat, 1/4 or 1/8th note and 100% wet. Then put a reverb on 100% wet behind it and use the “level” control on the reverb to mix it back into path a. It works, but it takes some time to setup and isn’t very intuitive.
  2. Hello! Does anyone know if it is possible to assign the tap tempo switch to control the pre-delay on any of the reverb blocks in HX Effects? I have an EHX Cathedral that does this and it has become one of my go to delay/reverb sounds. I'm wondering if this is possible within HX. I thought about creating a custom block that includes both a reverb and a single repeat delay set to full wet before the verb, but i'd love to find a cleaner way to do it. Anybody have any thoughts?
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone know a way to switch the location of the Mode and Tap buttons on the HX Effects? The band that I play in requires a lot of tempo specific effects, so I have each song programmed into the unit via presets and snapshots, so I almost never use the tap tempo button. I do however, use the mode switch to jump back and forth between preset/snapshot view and pedal view. The problem is that I often accidentally bump the tap button when reaching for the mode button to switch views, which throws off the programmed tempo. Anybody know of a quick way to get around this? Even if I could lock the tempo or disable tap for each preset, that would be a huge help. Thanks!
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