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  1. Hello! Does anyone know if it is possible to assign the tap tempo switch to control the pre-delay on any of the reverb blocks in HX Effects? I have an EHX Cathedral that does this and it has become one of my go to delay/reverb sounds. I'm wondering if this is possible within HX. I thought about creating a custom block that includes both a reverb and a single repeat delay set to full wet before the verb, but i'd love to find a cleaner way to do it. Anybody have any thoughts?
  2. Hey everyone, Does anyone know a way to switch the location of the Mode and Tap buttons on the HX Effects? The band that I play in requires a lot of tempo specific effects, so I have each song programmed into the unit via presets and snapshots, so I almost never use the tap tempo button. I do however, use the mode switch to jump back and forth between preset/snapshot view and pedal view. The problem is that I often accidentally bump the tap button when reaching for the mode button to switch views, which throws off the programmed tempo. Anybody know of a quick way to get around this? Even if I could lock the tempo or disable tap for each preset, that would be a huge help. Thanks!
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