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  1. I've connected hd500x to studio monitor by balance output then I found signal too low, I think it is mic level and I found this (see attach picture) Does anyone know Where is this switch ?
  2. I try in another way, first of all that I have to tell you is this is my first multi effect thus I don't know what is the Right sound, but I feel the sound that come from XLR output was weak. my studio monitor is yamaha hs5 and the rear of it has knob level +4db and -10db : I turned it to +4db. I chose XLR output from Pod hd500x that sinal is weak. I adjust at "mixer block" from the display screen, it is next from amp blocks icon and increase the level to +4db. The sound is more full, in my opinion I think it's okay. The point is, this way is right? Is it same as 1/4unbalanced output.? Anyone tell me please. Now I have only Xlr cable.
  3. What s wrong ? I run pod hd500x by direct connecting between only pod hd500x XLR and yamaha hs5 XLR studio monitor then I got very low sound , before this I thought it will sound like youtube's clips. What 's wrong about my connection.
  4. Hello everyone, I 'm inexperienced, I will buy Pod hd 500x for practice and record in my room by direct to studio monitor, is it sound good? What percentage of similarity if compare to real amp, is it bad? and last question which speaker I should buy for 4x4 meter room JBL : LSR 305/230 5"speaker ROKIT 6 Generation 3 Black 6"speaker Yamaha : HS7 6.5"speaker Thanks for any advices.
  5. i just bought it 4 days when i played guitar about 20 mins at metal sound. see my video
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