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  1. The POD is a poor man's axe Fx. I reckon that if Line 6 would simply allow for custom impulse responses, the POD would be able to compete with the Axe.
  2. Strange. I didn't hear this complaint so far from anyone. Did you try another browser?
  3. A video demo of some of my favourite presets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMoVJRT1tc4&feature=youtu.be
  4. The POD is probably damaged. Return it to the store and get a new one. I had the same problem.
  5. The Axe FX has more effects. The amps sound more real. There are also more amp models. More and better cabs. You can use your own cabs. You can use the tone match feature to get any tone you want straight out of a recording. You can reamp easily. You can download the tones your heroes are using. You can't do any of this with the POD. That's the way it is.d
  6. I had the same problem. The problem lies in the device. Get a new one. Don't waste your time fixing something like that.
  7. In my experience PODs sound great when connected to an external amp or PA. They sould terrible when their signal is routed straight into a computer and no external cabs are being used. So yeah, it's a more or less wise investment. If I had the ressources, I would save up for an Axe FX ultra/II/xl.
  8. Hey OP any speculatioms as to what the price of a single label will end up being?
  9. Sorry man, but that pedal's overdrive sounds awful. At least when used in combination with the Threadplate. Any other suggestions? Basically my idea the other day was to sort of emulate the response of a cab by using EQ and perhaps compressors. The sound I'm quest for results from running the output of a cab into another cab.
  10. Ehm, the metal zone as in, the pedal by Boss? My aim is achieving this tone by using strictly what the POD offers.
  11. I see the dropbox links failed to show. Does the soundcloud link work?
  12. Hello everyone, before getting the POD HD500x, I'd use the threadplate model on my old POD 2.0 with a bypassed cab to achieve a rather harsh, metallic tone which is sort of my "signature" rhythm guitar sound. You can listen to here: https://soundcloud.com/mischjok/test/s-GZmNm I basically run the output of a patch that uses a mesa boogie simulation into a channel in cubase where I load an IR of a Mesa Cab. Basically I have two cabs going on right now. The second patch which you hear on that recording is something that sounds close. It's basically me trying to emulate the sound heard at the beginning of John Petrucci's tune "Damage Control". You'll notice how the sound in "damage control" lacks punch and that metallic edge. IS there any way to add it artificially? I simply want to be less dependant on Cubase and my IR-host (voxengo boogex) and have everything happen within the POD. I'd be glad to provide patches to anyone willing to provide assistance. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  13. Ehm. what does the "vetta juice" exactly do? I was thinking of using it as a boost pedal for solos and whatnot.
  14. Probably the best piece of advice I can give you: don't waste hours of your time browsing the internet trying to find a preset you'll like. Rather spend that time messing around with the amp models and effects. This has proven to be more effective in my quest for a tone that I like, as opposed to expecting someone to upload the sound I want to achieve.
  15. Is there any impedance that one should avoid/favour? I wonder how it influences the tone.
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