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  1. Okay so, I was previously using the Line 6 UX2 interface with POD Farm 2.5 on my computer for my home recordings. Absolutely loved the program and the tones I was able to create which to me were ideal to my play style and were quite unique. Only problem is I had no way of using these tones live such as with a pedal board or anything, so I heard about the HD500 pedal boards and was told POD Farm tones could be transfered onto the board so that you can use them elsewhere besides at the computer. I bought one but cannot figure out how to transfer these tones or even if its possible. Line 6 support said "that is bascially what it was designed to do", so I figured Ill get it. I was not impressed at all with the preset tones even with modifications, I tried replicating my POD Farm tones on the board, but they came no where near to the UX2's sound and clearity. I've been rather frustrated with the situation and cannot seem to get ahead on it. I also has a POD HD PRO X that I figured would be able to do the same thing, but that was even more dissapointing. Cannot match what POD Farm can do fro some reason. Not to mention all the Custom Tone downloads sound nothing at all like the videos on youtube of who are showcasing them with the download in the description. I follow every mod to the tee, but it sounds super high gained and just down right muddy. So, is the tone transfering possible between these products somehow? All I need is to have the tones from POD Farm on my HD500, just so I can switch between them in live shows. It would be great if someone knew what was up with the Pro X too. Thanks for reading, hope you guys maybe have some answers!
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