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  1. YES! Thank you very much mara17! That solved the problem... Now it work as it should :-)
  2. Thanks hurghanico! We will try that and see if it helps...
  3. First of all, I have a POD HD500X that works just great. Love it! Bought it 2017. Now, my second guitarist in the band, just bought exactly the same model, but from a private person who couldn't handle it. (and I can see why) The problem with his pedal is: Nothing happens when you press the footswitches (A,B,C,D) However, if I turn the knob (A in attached picture) it changes the sound as programmmed, but it does not change the light on the footswitch (B in attached picture) I've updated Flash memory and the latest drivers. Is there a function/button that turns the footswitch off/on (ABCD) according to the current sound?
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