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  1. Sold it for $200. The interesting thing is the buyer reports a lot of these amps on the used market no longer have their vintage Celestion 30 speakers. Mine still did.
  2. OK here's my acoustic guitar chain for POD HD Desktop to PA: Connections: Acoustic GTR->POD INPUT->POD OUTPUT to DI Box to PA (DI Box only necessary if you need XLR to a snake, but go balanced 1/4 if you can connect directly to the board.) POD Chain: Dynamics Red Comp (Sustain 38, Level %85) -->Amp Class A-15 Pre (112 BlueBell, 409 Dynamic mic) --> add your own blocks of chorus->delay->reverb in that order
  3. I've been using Pod HD Desktop direct to PA for years (same engine as POD HD500x). I set it for Studio/Direct mode and all of my presets have amp sims. I mainly use a super strat style guitar and also an actual acoustic guitar. When I change guitars, I just change to the bank of 4 presets I need, so you may not need to change setlists unless you have so many presets that you HAVE to go to setlists.
  4. In the last year at family/party/house jams I noticed most metal/rock players bringing Boss Katana amps. They sound great, they have a small footprint, and they're not heavy.
  5. Ah ok, I just took that 'Why on earth' question a little too literally. I see what you're asking. Good points.
  6. Pianoguy: 1,) I agree 2.) Great question 3.) Although I've been using PodHD desktop direct to PA for years, I actually just bought a VOX AC15 as an alternate setup to sit in as a guest with other bands where I don't know if the PA/monitor will be adequate (or operators of it), and for jam sessions or house party jams. For those situations, I used to bring PodHD desktop w/FBV along with an Alto 10 monitor, but it was a lot of cables and cumbersome setup. So there's an example of some situations where the option of a real amp can be beneficial. Having said all of that, I would never 'move on' from PodHD because I'm still going to mainly use it for the right gig.
  7. While reading your question I was thinking to myself that's the perfect feature of the Line6 DT series amps, and right then I read that you sold it. NOOOOOO!!
  8. My SV 212-MKii Bogner is in great condition, but I no longer have a working FBV footpedal for it. I tried to sell it with an official L6 case for $250 US, and got no bites on local FB and CL sites. It made me wonder if the lack of a pedal to control it has become the major factor, or is it that big, heavy, and loud amps are no longer needed in today's gig venues. What do you think?
  9. The subject of this thread reminds me of a question I once got at a job interview for technical support: "Can you explain what the internet is to a child"? , but I digress, there have already been good answers to your question about the the preamps, so I'll let those stand...
  10. Received the screw and this part works perfectly.
  11. To answer your question, I would go with HX Effects, as anything more would be overkill for acoustic guitar, both in terms of features, cost, and footprint. Personally, for acoustic duo acts, I use a Line6 POD HD Desktop with the small FBV pedal on a semi hollow body acoustic for coloring leads with a bit of drive and spacious triad rhythm accompaniment for another player. He plays through a Fishman ToneDEQ which is perfect for most acoustic guitarists that want simple knobs for compression, EQ, reverb/delay, chorus/vibrato, and Lead Boost and monitor. We use both units direct to PA.
  12. Yes, maybe it will be available in an upcoming 'Explicit Pack' which also contains some effects used by '2 Live Crew'... LOL
  13. Thank you codamedia & soundog, those are good options! honorable mention to datacommando for trying, which I also appreciate. :-)
  14. Can the HX Effects control which output the final MONO signal goes to? For example, Output Left or Output Right? I checked the manual, and this forum, but didn't see anything clearly addressing this. Maybe there is a better way? I'm thinking of getting an HX Effects for use with a single guitar and amplifier in MONO and wondered if it can be used to eliminate an A/B/A+B output box. I have a VOX AC15-c1x guitar amplifier that has 2 inputs. One is generally for clean tones, and the other for overdrive/boost tones. Unfortunately, the amp itself has no way to switch between the two channels, other than pulling out the 1/4" cable and plugging it into the other channel, which means I need an A/B/A+B box to switch between both channels (or have both channels on at the same time A+B). If I could eliminate the extra switcher box, that would make for a cleaner/easier setup/teardown.
  15. napynap

    parts list?

    Smashcraaft is correct. I was referred there from the L6 website, but it can be difficult to find the part, so here's a great link for all of the L6 parts at Full Compass. edit: Hmmm, maybe this is what you are looking for?
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