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  1. napynap

    POD HD PRO X or HD500X?

    The 'Beer' issue is why I use POD HD Desktop, because that already happened to one of my FBV controllers. Just because it's a private party doesn't mean it's appropriate to bring those party goers on stage...but I digress...
  2. napynap

    How to connect to my amp

    First, Thank you for your service! In my experience, owning several POD's throughout the years, and reading Line6 'Pilot Handbooks' and 'Advanced user guides', I have always found that their manuals are really good. Some of their products are so deep that it can take a while to really understand the manual, but having the patience to do so has allowed me to get the best out of their products. When I'm not quite sure about something, I visit these forums, which you did, so great job there! The greatest L6 user knowledge lives here!
  3. If another musician plugs into the PA and it affects your sound, then the PA is not being operated correctly. Kindly ask to plug into a different input channel in the PA while the engineer figures out the issue on his/her end (it could be a bad PA mixer channel or a coaching opportunity for the engineer).
  4. OK, I'll go with that. I'll try to get adapters. It will save me some space in the container I keep it in. Thank you.
  5. As I said, I have combed through the manuals and documentation and do have the PDF. Please show me where it says the 1/4" outputs are balanced. I haven't been able to confirm for sure anywhere.
  6. I've run POD HD Desktop direct to PA for 4 years in all kinds of venues and it worked great! Yes, I did take time really dialing in my tones before I did it. I always use a direct box because I have not been able to confirm for sure anywhere in any manuals or documentation that the 1/4" out is actually balanced.
  7. napynap

    Can i use a direct box with pod HD Bean?

    I'm using the Pod HD Bean with the following config to go direct to PA on live gigs and it works great: Guitar -> 1/4" Pod input -> 1/4" Pod left output-> 1/4" DI input -> XLR Out to PA
  8. napynap


    Here's a couple of photos of how they displayed some HX Effects from the Line6 Booth at NAMM2018.
  9. napynap

    HD500X using all 8 footswitches for patch changes idea

    Thanks ozweepay! Finally, a way to have more than 4 available patches without switching banks!
  10. napynap

    what happends to my ears : bored withHD sound

    To answer your question about your ears, go ahead and get an audiogram test. In general, as we get older, the higher frequencies tend to get lost. There's nothing like knowing which frequencies you actually hear in each ear. There may be some audiology facilities in your area that offer a basic test for low cost or even free.
  11. napynap

    Is the Pod HD Pro X right for me?

    Yeah, at the 4 Points Swapmeet today, as we went to overtime, fans lined the front of the stage with beers for the band filled to the brim. A mere 5 inches away was my FBV board. I was so glad it wasn't a 500X or Helix! My POD HD Desktop was stored neatly away behind me in a Sterlite container. *Whew* Napy dodged another front of stage disaster!
  12. napynap

    Leveling out volumes between patches...

    Put the POD into A,B,C,D mode. Level and Mixer volumes are programmable. Once you get the sounds you like, start adjusting those and saving while you tap the different presets using a FBV foot switch. You can assign one foot switch to turn on a Studio/EQ block that just boosts level. That can be used for leads. Well, there's one way I do it. Yes, there are a hundred+ other ways across these forums...
  13. napynap

    Podhd500x reboots in middle of gig - what next?

    Sometimes bad power can knock out the software in digital devices. I had this happen one time to a digital mixing console in the middle of a gig. It turned out, I forgot to connect it to a power conditioner, which I normally do. After reloading firmware/patches, and only connecting to clean power, I never had that problem again.
  14. napynap

    Disable main knobs on POD HD500X?

    I've had a similar experience. This happens mostly at private parties where there is no real stage to separate musicians from patrons. I have had a whole beer spilled on my Mk2 Shortboard. Thankfully, the POD HD Desktop it was connected to was far behhind me in a box where nothing can touch it, not even the knobs. Yes, I took apart the board and just washed it with clean water. It was a pain, but could have been much worse.
  15. napynap

    Pod HD500 Live sound issue

    The amp could be overdriving the gate. There should be a mixer block already assigned between the amp and the gate. Try turning down the mixer gain/volume.