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  1. napynap

    HX Effects or Helix for 100% Acoustic Player

    To answer your question, I would go with HX Effects, as anything more would be overkill for acoustic guitar, both in terms of features, cost, and footprint. Personally, for acoustic duo acts, I use a Line6 POD HD Desktop with the small FBV pedal on a semi hollow body acoustic for coloring leads with a bit of drive and spacious triad rhythm accompaniment for another player. He plays through a Fishman ToneDEQ which is perfect for most acoustic guitarists that want simple knobs for compression, EQ, reverb/delay, chorus/vibrato, and Lead Boost and monitor. We use both units direct to PA.
  2. napynap

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    Yes, maybe it will be available in an upcoming 'Explicit Pack' which also contains some effects used by '2 Live Crew'... LOL
  3. napynap

    HX Effects - Output Control?

    Thank you codamedia & soundog, those are good options! honorable mention to datacommando for trying, which I also appreciate. :-)
  4. napynap

    HX Effects - Output Control?

    Can the HX Effects control which output the final MONO signal goes to? For example, Output Left or Output Right? I checked the manual, and this forum, but didn't see anything clearly addressing this. Maybe there is a better way? I'm thinking of getting an HX Effects for use with a single guitar and amplifier in MONO and wondered if it can be used to eliminate an A/B/A+B output box. I have a VOX AC15-c1x guitar amplifier that has 2 inputs. One is generally for clean tones, and the other for overdrive/boost tones. Unfortunately, the amp itself has no way to switch between the two channels, other than pulling out the 1/4" cable and plugging it into the other channel, which means I need an A/B/A+B box to switch between both channels (or have both channels on at the same time A+B). If I could eliminate the extra switcher box, that would make for a cleaner/easier setup/teardown.
  5. napynap

    parts list?

    Smashcraaft is correct. I was referred there from the L6 website, but it can be difficult to find the part, so here's a great link for all of the L6 parts at Full Compass. https://www.fullcompass.com/brand/ln6-line-6/replacement-parts/ edit: Hmmm, maybe this is what you are looking for? https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/179734-line-6-30-45-0020-line-6-guitar-amps-knob
  6. napynap

    Will I still need a good soundcard (at some point)?

    Yeah Phil_M, Spaceatl, and joel_brown are right, no sound card needed. Your computer sounds old simply because it doesn't have an onboard sound chip. Use your hard earned cash to a new computer build. Everything will be faster from CPU to memory. Put your OS on a SSD. The motherboard will have a soundchip built in, and you can still use your POD as an interface for multitrack recording until you decide on a dedicated sound interface with more features. For what it's worth, I like Focusrite 2nd generation.
  7. napynap

    Screw Spider Valve Mkii 212

    I called L6 support, and they provided excellent customer service. The screw can be ordered at fullcompass.com part# 30-00-0122 The screw size is 10-24 x.07 ovh philips ni pld edit: it looks like the part# is actually 30-00-0151 for Spider IV, but they look exactly alike, I'll place order and update here.
  8. napynap

    Screw Spider Valve Mkii 212

    OK will do. Thank you.
  9. napynap

    Screw Spider Valve Mkii 212

    I've lost one of the screws that holds the handle for my Spider Valve Mkii 212. As you all know this is a very heavy amp, so I really need that screw. The closest I could find would be a Metric M5,0.8 or a Standard 10,32, but neither is exact. What's the exact screw size and where can I get it? (Home Depot and Lowes don't have a match. Thanks! P. S. I couldn't resist making that title, so please no trolling. It's a great amp!
  10. napynap

    POD HD PRO X or HD500X?

    The 'Beer' issue is why I use POD HD Desktop, because that already happened to one of my FBV controllers. Just because it's a private party doesn't mean it's appropriate to bring those party goers on stage...but I digress...
  11. napynap

    How to connect to my amp

    First, Thank you for your service! In my experience, owning several POD's throughout the years, and reading Line6 'Pilot Handbooks' and 'Advanced user guides', I have always found that their manuals are really good. Some of their products are so deep that it can take a while to really understand the manual, but having the patience to do so has allowed me to get the best out of their products. When I'm not quite sure about something, I visit these forums, which you did, so great job there! The greatest L6 user knowledge lives here!
  12. If another musician plugs into the PA and it affects your sound, then the PA is not being operated correctly. Kindly ask to plug into a different input channel in the PA while the engineer figures out the issue on his/her end (it could be a bad PA mixer channel or a coaching opportunity for the engineer).
  13. OK, I'll go with that. I'll try to get adapters. It will save me some space in the container I keep it in. Thank you.
  14. As I said, I have combed through the manuals and documentation and do have the PDF. Please show me where it says the 1/4" outputs are balanced. I haven't been able to confirm for sure anywhere.
  15. I've run POD HD Desktop direct to PA for 4 years in all kinds of venues and it worked great! Yes, I did take time really dialing in my tones before I did it. I always use a direct box because I have not been able to confirm for sure anywhere in any manuals or documentation that the 1/4" out is actually balanced.