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  1. lol...yeah, I was perhaps a wee bit over-optimistic there, wasn't I? Ah, the bravado of the uninitiated. There's a lot going on with this thing, and it does take some time to get acquainted! While roaming through the presets, I found one (Tweedy) that, with a little tweaking of the drive and EQ, sufficed for rehearsal and sounds great with my 335 through my amp (Blackstar Club 40, with a 12" Celestion). Then I downloaded the editing software...complete game changer! Using one of the empty User setlists, I recreated my current pedalboard's array, but then wondered if I could drag and drop other presets into my setlist. Yep. Awesome. So I dragged in about a half-dozen acoustic guitar presets, and at last night's rehearsal worked up a couple that fit really well with my little Guild Troubadour - including one that also works nicely with my mandolin. So, as of now my presets consist of a recreation of my pedalboard and two acoustic patches. If that was all I'd be able to do with this thing, I'd still be a happy camper as my gigging (and recording) palette just got a whole lot broader, but I've also saved about a half-dozen presets to tweak for specific guitars, so it looks like this thing is going to do everything I'd hoped it would. If anybody's looking for me, I'll be out in the studio with a pot of coffee and a handful of guitars, building pedal arrays.
  2. ...awaiting the FedEx truck's arrival - my HD 500 arrives today! I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with this rig. From the videos I've seen, setting up your effects and signal path(s) looks pretty straight-forward, but the fun is going to be in tweaking the sims and effects. My goal for the weekend is to have a couple usable patches set up so that at Monday's band rehearsal I can introduce it to our PA. I appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Wish me luck, I'm sure I'll be back with lots of silly questions!
  3. napynap - What amps/effects are you using for your acoustic guitar patch?
  4. Thank you guys! I think I'm going to have fun with this thing. Of course now I can see myself falling down the rabbit hole of making patches...then again, that'll be much cheaper than buyin' more pedals!
  5. Well, I'm about to take the plunge and ditch my pedalboard for a Line 6 POD HD500X. I use several different guitars in the band I'm in - a Les Paul, an ES 335, a Firebird and a Guild Troubadour acoustic with a DeArmond sound-hole pickup (magnetic, not a piezo). What I'd like to do is set up a pedal array for each guitar so that I can switch them out without having to tweak EQ, gain and pedal settings every time I change one. So, my first question would be, is this doable? I'm still waffling on my output; we generally run everything through a PA - either the venue's or our own, but I might be better served going through my amp, which brings me to question 2 - in some of my research I've found folks selecting the pre-amps only, and running the HD500 through their power amp section of their amp(s). Am I correct in assuming that, in order to do that, you'd be running a line out from the HD500 into your effects return jack in your amplifier? And final question (for now), if I'm running it through a PA, should I select amp sims? Any and all help would be appreciated!
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