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  1. Hey everyone, I’ve been reading up on the HD500x preamp models and how to use them, what they do, best way to hook them up, etc. I’m seen various different reports everywhere I look on the success of using them. So here I am. Ive been hooking my HD500x to my amp (Fender DeVille) using the 4cm as basically just an effects rig. Nothing modeling wise aside from delays, compressors, distortions, and occasional mod effects. I’d like to start toying around with the preamps in the Pod but I’m basically clueless on what the purpose is, how to set it up properly, and I’m finding that I’m not educated enough to translate a lot of the posts I’ve seen elsewhere. So I guess my key questions are....why the preamp as opposed to the full amp with the cab turned off, what’s the best hookup method for this, and at the end of the day, what is the desired result? As mentioned in the title, the most basic information is much appreciated and you won’t be insulting my intelligence to put things as simply as possibly haha thanks guys!
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