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  1. Thank you much my friend. We are going to try a video with this set-up in a couple days. If you would like to see how it came out, let me know
  2. Hurghanico you are the man! Bare with me buddy, I'm almost where I wanna be. OK, so I did what you said and both mics worked and I could adjust the volume of each mic! Thank you! The video link is below. I'm not technical, so I don't know how to share a Facebook video. But now I just want to add a little reverb.. Maaaybe a little delay to just the vocals. How do I do that? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154218293557031&id=610507030&notif_t=like_tagged&notif_id=1487037226778270&ref=m_notif&mds=%2Fsharer-dialog.php%3Ffs%3D8%26fr%3D%252F%26m%3Dmessage%26sid%3D1283607075063562%26u%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fm.facebook.com%252Fstory.php%253Fstory_fbid%253D10154218293557031%2526id%253D610507030%2526notif_t%253Dlike_tagged%2526notif_id%253D1487037226778270%2526ref%253Dm_notif%26internal_preview_image_id&mdf=1
  3. So I have my bandmates over here and I'm trying to figure out how to separate the channels. So far I think I've separated the channels but they are still linked and I'm confused. Could you be more specific what to drag into the editor? This is us last week with only one microphone, now I want two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YGTqG5xn_U http://imgur.com/a/Ila5r
  4. OK I followed your instructions and bought that adapter and my 2 microphones actually worked at the same time! Buuut... It was useless because they we're tied to the same channel. The guitar mic sounded good but the vocals we're too soft. I tried increasing the vocal mic level but that also made the guitar mic louder. How do I separate them? Do I need a 4 track mixer now? What do I plug that into?
  5. Wow, man. Thank you for the help, I'm really not a tech I'm just a singer trying to figure this out. Thanks to you guys and your advice, I was able to make a crappy little YouTube video with all of 100 views of my band and I doing a cover song. Https://youtu.be/pnfj2tjckrs The drums came out way too loud though and the vocals/guitar too soft because there's only one mic right next to the drums. Now I want the CAD mic for guitar and the Shure for the vocals. You're saying I can buy that adapter, plug it and the second mic into the AUX port and it will work?
  6. If I buy that thing whatever it is what input when I plug it into?
  7. I had a band mate come over last night and look at it... And of course it was something ridiculous like the cable wasn't in all the way. I'm happy that it works now, but we are gathering tomorrow to do some cover songs for YouTube and I'm realizing that I need to use my second mic for vocals and have the Cad be for guitar. The POD HD 500's only mic slot is occupied. How do I get a second microphone going?
  8. Hey guys, I'm back. I've been dealing with a lot of stuff and finally just today got around to trying your advice. I followed the advice step by step but I still can't hear anything from the microphone. Here is a picture of my set up and my sexy hand. http://m.imgur.com/dqdxwAf As you can see, I bought another XLR cable. I have one from the PHP1 going into the Mic input in the PodHd and another cable going from the PHP1 to the microphone. I launched Ableton Live and the software for the PodHD500 (Line6 Pod HD500 edit) and armed the tracks to record but nothing. The PHP1 does have power. I tried removing everything and plugging in my Shure mic instead and that works. Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope.
  9. Ahh... so I need additional cables... figures. That's interesting that I also have to go into the POD settings, but the main thing I didn't know was to that I needed even more cables. OK thanks a lot guys, I'll try this as soon as I get some cables!
  10. What's up guys.. I'm a musician who is definitely not a tech who is trying hard to be. I can now use Ableton Live and Reason with the POD HD 500 but it took me a looong time to figure out. Now I'm extremely frustrated because I want to start recording acoustic guitar tracks. I waited forever for the CAD M179 to arrive so I can record my acoustic guitar, but spent countless hours only to find out from GuitarCenter techs that the POD HD500 needs phantom power in order to make it work. OK, so they sold me a Sterling Audio PHP1 Phantom Power Supply. Great. I currently have a Shure SM58 plugged into the POD into the MIC slot. Looking at the Phantom Power, it has a male three pin thing and a female three pin thing. I could look up the technical term, but yes, I'm really not that technical. XLR is it called? Anyway, I just unplugged the Shure mic and used it's cable to plug into the PHP1 Phantom Power Supply. I also plugged in the power cable to it. However, the other end of the cable won't fit into the MIC slot in the POD. It only fits into the XLR OUT, left or right. I tried plugging it into both and I still can't hear the mic. I am so confused.. there are only a couple different possibilities how these freakin cables can fit into the freakin holes. What am I missing? Thank you
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