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  1. My amp is not malfunctioning i only wanted to replace the tubes :). The guys i bought the tubes from said that they consider 3mV difference very well matched tubes :(. That's why i asked what are your guys opinions and experiances. Im gonna experiment a bit with the original and JJ tubes to see if i can see a difference in sound and hum, i just wanted to see if it's dangerous to have 'unamatched' tubes in the amp, if it can lead to malfunctions.
  2. HI I just got new JJ EL34 matched power tubes to install in my DT50. When i went to bias the tubes i found out that the difference bettwen my matched pair is about 3mV. I could set one tube to 36mV but the other would be 39mV. Is this considered a normal tolerance for matched tubes, and will there be any trouble with my amp becouse of this missmatch? The EHX tubes i had in the amp had a 0.3 mV difference. Thx for your replies!
  3. It seems they were wired in series, so that would be 16ohms. Seems to me like the amp got louder and clearer after i switched to speaker output C, but it could just be in my head. Now all that's left is to get rid of the hum, and it would be perfect. Thx for the help.
  4. Hi I have just bought a new dt50 212. I was wondering what is the correct speaker output to plug in the cable of the default speakers. They say they are 8 ohm speakers, and they were connected to the B speaker output when i got them from the shop, but the manual states that output A is for two 8ohm speakers/cabs and output B is for one 8ohm speaker/cab. Also on most pictures of the backside of the 212 i found online, the speakers were connected to the C output (16ohm). So which is the correct output to use, and could i damage my amp if i use the wrong output?
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