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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone! I’m stuck in a dilemma. I recently purchased a new computer. A 2022 iMac. Prior to having the iMac I had a MacBook Pro 2012. I tried connecting my PODStudio UX2 to my new computer and seeing as though Line 6 Monkey is no longer supported for new Apple products, I downloaded the license manager (most recent software). I also downloaded the most recent drivers that in theory should support my UX2 to my iMac. Guess again, upon scanning for my devices my iMac was found, but not my UX2! I tried uninstalling the newest driver and downloading the previous 7.6.8 driver. Again, no luck. I tried downloading Rosetta 2.0 as a workaround to emulate Apple’s Intel processor from previous apple products and again, no luck. I have ruled out practically every variable with a technician over email and cannot seem to find what the issue is. Is it finally time I put my UX2 to rest and move onto Scarlet?
  2. hi, my line 6 license manager won't detected my UX2 because i just changed my pc. I've been reinstalling the driver, unplug multiple times and still not recognized the UX2. Even though Line 6 Monkey detected it, and my Windows 10 even recognized it. I've been able to listen from UX2, but cannot use my mic because i need to authtorize it first. Any help with this problem?
  3. I'm driving myself nuts here. I'm recording voiceovers. I have a physical hardware setup which is great (big and heavy), but I'm trying to integrate everything into my HP Spectre Tablet and UX2 so if I have to take it on the road, no problem! So standalone Podfarm is great, I can throw a noise gate and compressor on there and when I speak, it comes back through the headphones on the UX2 (wet) with zero latency, and sounds great. But attempting to record it inside the computer has been a nightmare. I've had to check out new daws and learn how to load Podfarm as a plugin, and it always has too much latency. I've tried Reaper and adjusting the settings to be the lowest latency. It's still too slow and sounds horrible in the headphones to the point where I can't tell the quality of the recording. It seems the only practical and reliable way of recording my vocals will be to just use a headphone splitter and record into an audio recorder like a Sony PCM-d50/ ZoomH1n. This seems like a shame since there should be a way to capture the sound that's inside the computer, but it always seems to conflict with the soundcard to record "what you hear" using audacity. It introduces clicks and static. I've heard of a technique where you can have a track in Reaper that's a "monitor" track and the record track is muted. But, this doesn't help because even when just monitoring the input when Reaper is running, it has the latency issue. I really really wish podfarm had a simple record button in it's standalone iteration. Has anyone had latency issues when recording vocals or figured this out? Thanks
  4. The hardware meter show settings Changing to show output. The settings change when i refresh a youtube video, or closes down all program and open a file to listen to some music. I have tried to reinstall the latest drivers [v4.2.7.1], but it didn't solved the problem. I have also tried to install with diffrent version, but it still the same.
  5. Hi, I have had my UX2 for about 2 weeks now, I am having an issue were It will just freeze (Including the dials). My microphone that is plugged into the UX2 stops working and I can hear nothing from my headphones (Except a buzzing sound every 1-2 secs) that are are plugged into the UX2. The way I am currently fixing this problem is by unplugging and re-plugging in my UX2 and relaunching pod farm and after a minute it is fixed, well for a little bit. This issue happens to me about 5 or so times a day and is very annoying. Could you please comment any questions you have that may help you solve this issue. Thanks, Michael
  6. So I really hope you guys can help me with this, cause I've had this problem for years now. I have a POD Studio UX2 connected to a computer with Windows 10. I have the latest drivers installed, However, on occasion, randomly, the audio would just cut out, and entering the Sound config of my computer, it would tell me that audio enhancements on the device were causing problems. So when I unplug and plug back in the UX2, both clip lights alternate blinking, and the only way I can fix it is to restart the computer. I have already tried reinstalling drivers. Thanks.
  7. Hello all! I currently have a combination of Pod Studio UX2 & Pod Farm 2.5 on my Windows 10 based computer. It seems that once per day I need to unplug & replug my USB connection due to an issue where my mic's pitch adjusts on its own and there's a very loud scratching sound. I can't find any keyboard shortcuts that would adjust this, so am I going crazy, or should I return it and get another?
  8. Hi, I am going to be purchasing a new microphone set up for YouTube and Streaming (AT2035 microphone with a Pod Studio UX2). I am just wondering whether the effects I will use on POD Farm (Noise Gate, Compression, ect) will come through on programs like Skype, OBS, Audacity and DxTory. I understand that quite a few YouTubers use this same setup (AT2035 and UX2) and that all their effects come through fine on programs like these but I just want to make sure that I do not have to purchase anything else to make these effects come through on these programs. I would appreciate any help I can get in the comments :) Thanks for your time, Michael
  9. The minimum system requirements for the toneport ux2 and the pod studio ux2 state that your pc needs at least a pentium 4. Is that to run the software or the interface itself? If i have less than a pentium 4, will the interface run correctly as long as i dont use the pod farm amp sim software? I read that the interface handles a lot of the work itself, taking the load off your computer. If thats true, why do you need a stronger processor than most interfaces require?
  10. Hi there, I'm thinking of buying a POD Studio UX2. In Windows, does it show as separate devices for each input / output? What I want to achieve is to have a Microphone into channel A, this will be fed into my DAW for EQ & Compression. I'd then route the processed output from my DAW to be the output of channel A, I'd patch Channel A out with a cable to Channel B in on the UX2. And I'd like to have the output of channel B as the sound source for a video capture application. The main thing I need is to be able to have each channel available as a separate device in Windows so I can do the routing I need. i.e. my DAW will grab channel A, my video capture application will grab channel B. Thanks - Rich
  11. Hello everyone I got a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 to start with home recording. I am an absolute noob in this field, so any help is welcome. After I had installed everything correctly and plugged everything in, I could hear my guitar sounds only faintly and my headphones made some terrible noise (seriously, it gave more crackles and pops than my Rice Krispies this morning). I tried Googling my problem and I have noticed that this is not a standalone case. Unfortunately, none of the solutions suggested in this forum or elsewhere have worked. I have tried different cables, different guitars, different headphones, all giving the same result One post suggested going to "Manage Audio Devices" in Windows Control Panel. I went there and I noticed that when I opened the tab "Recording", the crackling stopped for the most part. When I click on one of the other tabs, it comes back. When I try recording something (I use Pro Tools 10), the noise is recorded as well. Should it be necessary, I suppose I could upload an audio file containing the noise. Lastly, the laptop I use is a bit old, although it still works for everything else I use it for. I'm not sure this is relevant, but maybe it could help. I have spent hours trying to fix this but to no avail. Needless to say, this stuff is driving me nuts. Thanks a bunch! Cpt. Pancakes
  12. I own/owned a POD Studio UX2 ..... I stepped on a cord and it fell off of my desk and the plastic USB piece broke off from the inside (Tried to solder it back but it didn't pan out so well)... So I bought a Toneport UX2 off of eBay because it was cheaper and according to Google Topics, It was the same thing as the POD Studio UX2 except for the Red face on the device.. Anyway, I ran it with FARM and on all of my presets.. I can't access certain pedals, amps, etc... Sooooo, I ran Monkey and Updated My Farm version 1 to the 2 thinking that would just fix the issue.. Well it didn't.. And everytime I run Farm 2.. I get the authorization message and that it'll only act as the trial version.. So then I authorized the Toneport UX2, close, re-open, and it's the same thing everytime... So, do I just have to repurchase a POD Studio UX2? Thanks
  13. Ableton and Riffstation softwares were not in my brand new box of studio UX2. Where can I get them from? Also, I have no one else to go to for help. I am trying this recording stuff for the first time and its just driving me crazy. I am tired, No matter what I do, I can get my guitars to start recording. When I use Reaper (free version), I can record my guitar with both my POD HD 500 & Studio UX2 which I got today. But none would run in Cubase v.5. I also tried them with Reason v.5, where although I can see the bars go green when I start playing, I just cant get to start recording or see the graphical sound chart like the one which comes in Reaper. Someone, anyone, please help me ! Also, what is MIDI interface, and how can I use it to record guitars. My intention is to simply record live guitar, maybe loop a drum track of my choice, and add some effects like bells, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently got a POD Studio UX2 last month and it was working fine until a few days ago. I'm kinda new to guitar and stuff so I'm not too informed with all these technical things, guitar or audio interface-wise. So basically when I plug in the guitar to my UX2 and open POD Farm, I hear like whistles (even when not touching the guitar). The volume of those high pitch whistles are louder when I put the setting in a higher gain preset (metal presets). Before I got the UX2 this problem occured to me once when I was using the line-in of my PC. But I decided to ignore it and it went away after a while. I don't know why or how it fixed itself. This is really getting annoying, because I was planning to record myself. But what I did before asking this here is researching it on Google, but I can only find people having issues with their guitar amps, not on an audio interface. So maybe I thought they do link together, or maybe it's something totally different. But either way I haven't found a solution that I can understand. So if anyone here is capable of helping me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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