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  1. Yes.. Everything's updated and good through Monkey.. Also.. All of my software is Purchased and Not Pirated (So No BS in That Area).. Too get to the bottom line of this discussion.. I have POD FARM version 1 and 2 on my Computer. When I run FARM ver 1 with the Toneport UX2.. I have access to about 70% of the Models... Same thing when I run FARM ver 2.. Here's the difference.. When I'm hooked up to Farm 1 and click on a Preset that has MODS that I can't access (I'll highlight it and it says.."This Device Doesn't Have Full Accessability with the Program)." So Basically it's telling me to FUG Off. Butttttt.... when I run POD FARM 2 (It says the same thing.. However it immediately provides me with a link to purchase a license.. What prevents me from just buying another POD UX2 Studio Version is the fact that FARM vers.2 actually gives me an option to buy a license for my TonePort UX2. Thus insinuating that this discontinued version of the UX2 will infact WORK with FARM after all.... ??? Does That Help? Thanks Again
  2. Also it might be important to mention.. When I Run the TonePort UX2 with FARM version 1... It doesn't give me the option to purchase a license.. It just says.. Device is not fully compatable.. But when I run FARM version 2.. That's when instead of saying this device won't fully function.. it actually provides me with a link to Purchase a license... That's where i'm confused.
  3. Ok. But I already have a registered POD Farm license from when I bought the Studio UX2 package back in 2009. When I open Farm.. It gives me an option to purchase a license or Run License manager. I run the manager and a window comes up that displays a picture of my Toneport UX2 and Says Authorized = Yes. But I still can't access all of the models on FARM that I once had access to before. So even though my device is registered and my FARM has a license.. The Toneport UX2 still cannot fully work with FARM? If the Toneport UX2 just plainly will not fully function with all of FARM's Models.. Then why does the purchase a license link even appear in the first place? Thanks
  4. I own/owned a POD Studio UX2 ..... I stepped on a cord and it fell off of my desk and the plastic USB piece broke off from the inside (Tried to solder it back but it didn't pan out so well)... So I bought a Toneport UX2 off of eBay because it was cheaper and according to Google Topics, It was the same thing as the POD Studio UX2 except for the Red face on the device.. Anyway, I ran it with FARM and on all of my presets.. I can't access certain pedals, amps, etc... Sooooo, I ran Monkey and Updated My Farm version 1 to the 2 thinking that would just fix the issue.. Well it didn't.. And everytime I run Farm 2.. I get the authorization message and that it'll only act as the trial version.. So then I authorized the Toneport UX2, close, re-open, and it's the same thing everytime... So, do I just have to repurchase a POD Studio UX2? Thanks
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