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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am am new to UX1. Have been a long time user of guitar port. My computer died, so I got a new one and decided to buy a UX1. I have the UX1 outputs connected to my rig which is a a crate amp and an Ampeq cab. All that is working just fine. I like to play youtube backing tracks, and jam along with them using audacity to record. With my old setup, there was an option in audacity to record 'what you hear' This recorded both youtube and guitar at the same time. With my new UX1 setup, I can't get it to record anything other than my guitar. I have tried every possible sound configuration in podfarm, audacity, and my computer. There is no 'what you hear' option in audacity anymore. I can get the youtube music and my guitar playing out of my rig, but audacity only records the guitar. Can somebody help me figure out how to record both?
  2. After a year of not being able to get this piece of garbage to work on my MacBook, I have finally achieved basic success Honestly I don't have another year, to invest in this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. I'm using Audacity to record with on my MacBook 2. Programing drums in a program called Beatcraft, on a P.C, which I export onto a memory stick, in MP3 format. 3. Drop the Drums into Audacity, on the MacBook. 4. Verified Audacity had the Line 6 UX2 as its input device. Verified Audacity has the Line 6 UX2 as its output device, which I have headphones connected to. 5. Chosen my amp, and verified it was working, as well as this device allows, which isn't saying much 6. hit record an Audacity. 7. The drums begin to play and I start playing guitar. 8. I hear both, and the guitars record, overdubbing onto the Drum track. 9. When Im done, I hit play, and the guitar is not in 'time' alignment, with the drums, because its starting a micro second delay to late. 10. I experimented with a mic and vocals and the same thing happened. A micro second delay. 11. Ive even made sure project properties are the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello everybody! I'm having a strange issue with recording to my PC using the POD X3 Live with Asio (both ASIO4ALL and X3 Live ASIO) plugged in directly to it. When I record every sound, including clean/distorted/chorus etc, I got a very dirty sound which isn't what I'm hearing from my headphones. It's a low dirty/crackling sound but it's there and I hate that. On distortion it gets even worse. I thought it was a problem of drivers or firmwares, so I downloaded the Line6 Monkey tool to upgrade software stuff but it was everything up to date. So I tried to mess around with ASIO's settings but nothing worked. I recorded a clip and I'm attaching that to this post, so you can hear what I'm talking about. My PC specs are: -AMD A8-3850 -8GBs of DDR3 RAM Of course every driver was installed, reinstalled and updated to the latest version. What can I do to fix this? In previouses recordings I've never had that! Sorry for my bad english but I'm italian, I hope I said everything quite clear :P untitled.mp3
  4. So I been trying to get a decent tone through pod farm 2, but can't really decided how to improve it Pod farm 2 effects I use (also using +18 DB because it sound really quiet) Noise Gate Threshold -40DB Decay - 19% Compressor Threshold -7DB Gain - O DB A link to my latest commentary I use Audacity (not sure how to get Line 6 driver to work with it properly) and use a SE electronic 2200a II microphone If anyone could help with suggesting effect or programs, It would be very helpful
  5. I posted this under a general Win 10 topic yesterday but the thread went in another I'll post again in hopes that someone else is seeing this same issue. To clarify, audio works fine for most default applications and Toneport ASIO works fine in DAWs like Live, Reason & FL Studio. Other programs - those that need to see drivers other than ASIO - will not be able to use their driver unless the Toneport USB is disconnected. Please read through the post before offering standard troubleshooting advice - thanks. USB 2.0 & 3.0 were also tried. On 8/7, I posted this on the Audacity forums after trying to get this sorted out with a Cycling '74 tech over email. We definitely have a pattern here - I've been looking at this all day. Plug in an ASIO USB soundcard and Audacity does not "see" any MME, WASAPI or DirectSound drivers/devices. Unplug and Audacity comes up. Windows 10 upgrade (build 10240) Audacity 2.1.1 Line 6 Toneport UX1 - driver Realtek High Def Audio on board - driver (was disabled until today) My audio cable setup now is the MME on board device feeding into the monitor in on the Toneport (a typical setup) This also happens for Cycling 74 Max 6 & 7 Max 4 Live in Ableton Live can open devices but can't edit I believe that MSP (associated with Max) can only run under MME as well, so there appears to be a link. Ableton Live 9.2 cannot see MME until USB is unplugged Reason 7.1.1 & FL Studio 11.1.1 can see everything all the time BTW the Toneport cannot be controlled by the Windows Audio tray icon (Control Panel applet). You can only change volume with the hardware knob on it. I've tried - writing to Cycling - they said the audio driver loads right before the Max program crashes - Using just the TonePort (my on board Realtek card has been disabled pre-Win 10 - I only enabled it in BIOS when I saw other users were having these types of results) - with Max 6, I uninstalled both 64 and 32 bit versions and then reinstalled 32...then reached for Max 6, 32 bit - only works if Toneport is unplugged - 41 and 48K for both devices - swapping default device - toggling the exclusive device checkboxes on both soundcards - reinstalling all the Line 6 software - suspiciously, their Win10 driver has a date of 2013 on it! I was subsequently asked on the Audacity forum if Audacity 2.0.3 worked, so I installed it into another folder and it if I can only get Max and Max4Live to work Of course, I'd rather use the latest Audacity. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am going to be purchasing a new microphone set up for YouTube and Streaming (AT2035 microphone with a Pod Studio UX2). I am just wondering whether the effects I will use on POD Farm (Noise Gate, Compression, ect) will come through on programs like Skype, OBS, Audacity and DxTory. I understand that quite a few YouTubers use this same setup (AT2035 and UX2) and that all their effects come through fine on programs like these but I just want to make sure that I do not have to purchase anything else to make these effects come through on these programs. I would appreciate any help I can get in the comments :) Thanks for your time, Michael
  7. Hey everyone, I just received a PODHD500 in the mail and I'm having a bit of trouble with direct recording. I'm using a Dell with an Intel Celeron with 1.70 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, and windows 8. I dialed in a good djent tone and wanted to test it with a drum track I had in Reaper. I haven't had any latency issues with reaper since I did a system recovery on the computer, hell this morning I was messing around with a djent setup that included about 8 plugins and there were no problems. I attempted to record with the POD and everything seemed to be going well during the recording until I played it back and noticed that my guitar playing was milliseconds off of the actual drum track, I even tried the same thing with audacity and experienced the same issue. Can anybody offer any advice or give me an ultimatum on the situation? Im running guitar > Pod > Computer Via USB > DAW
  8. hey everyone, i recently bought a pod hd400 about a year ago (well, i guess not that recently) and when i play music, especially using distorted tones such as "big time lead" to play metal-esque songs through my headphones the sound quality is amazing tight and compact/full. when i switch the back settings from studio to live, and line to amp and play the pod through my roland cube 15x amp the sound sounds much more different and harsh, but still good enough (first question... why?) the real question is when i want to do any recordings to my computer with my main objective putting youtube videos up. as i stated before, when i play through my headphones the tone sounds godly and magnificent, but when i hear the playback from either free DAWS "audacity" or "reaper(trial)" connected through USB it sounds so bad its unbearable. very harsh, trebly, as if recorded with a cellphone from the 90's... Why is this?? Shouldn't i hear back what im hearing through my headphones when playing strictly into them from my pod? And if any of you have put any youtube videos up, im wondering what equipment i must buy (my budget is pretty tight) to get the best sound quality out of this pod. Again, im not looking for anything spectacular or proffesional, but when i see these punk teenage kids putting up covers of songs that the sound quality is Fantastic i cant help but wonder why i cant do the same Hope to get some replies soon
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