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  1. Hi, I am am new to UX1. Have been a long time user of guitar port. My computer died, so I got a new one and decided to buy a UX1. I have the UX1 outputs connected to my rig which is a a crate amp and an Ampeq cab. All that is working just fine. I like to play youtube backing tracks, and jam along with them using audacity to record. With my old setup, there was an option in audacity to record 'what you hear' This recorded both youtube and guitar at the same time. With my new UX1 setup, I can't get it to record anything other than my guitar. I have tried every possible sound configuration in podfarm, audacity, and my computer. There is no 'what you hear' option in audacity anymore. I can get the youtube music and my guitar playing out of my rig, but audacity only records the guitar. Can somebody help me figure out how to record both?
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