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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. I didn't go into, what my multiple issues have been over the last year, because, it would be a novel. And at this point, I fixed them. Like when you leave an X girlfriend, I just want to move on, and get things moving along. Your advice is very helpful. I'm going to look into Audacity and its settings. And/or try a different DAW, that works on Macs.
  2. After a year of not being able to get this piece of garbage to work on my MacBook, I have finally achieved basic success Honestly I don't have another year, to invest in this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. I'm using Audacity to record with on my MacBook 2. Programing drums in a program called Beatcraft, on a P.C, which I export onto a memory stick, in MP3 format. 3. Drop the Drums into Audacity, on the MacBook. 4. Verified Audacity had the Line 6 UX2 as its input device. Verified Audacity has the Line 6 UX2 as its output device, which I have headphones connected to. 5. Chosen my amp, and verified it was working, as well as this device allows, which isn't saying much 6. hit record an Audacity. 7. The drums begin to play and I start playing guitar. 8. I hear both, and the guitars record, overdubbing onto the Drum track. 9. When Im done, I hit play, and the guitar is not in 'time' alignment, with the drums, because its starting a micro second delay to late. 10. I experimented with a mic and vocals and the same thing happened. A micro second delay. 11. Ive even made sure project properties are the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, My experience with my Line 6 UX2 has been a nightmare. It worked for 6 months on my Windows, until it died. Than, it took me an entire year, of wrestling with my MAC, to even figure out how to install, Pod Farm. I finally, got everything installed, last week. I had authorized the MAC on my Windows before it died. And so, following protocol I have to log into my license manager, from the MAC for it to 'go through', and authorize.....and.....thats where Im at. And before I share the exact issue, let me state clearly, Yes, I have an internet connection. Yes, Im logged into my line 6 account online. Yes I have updated everything. No pop up blocker turned on. No anti virus running. No Firewall. And yes the Device is authorized on my MAC. Drivers are not an issue at this point, but if you can help me with this, I imagine, the drivers will be the next issue lol. So, My Line 6 License manager will not allow me to login. I get the message "Login Failed. (Code 80002006) Unable to resolve hostname into an address. Tried logging to the Monkey. That also will not login. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
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