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  1. It's working! I tried it on my neighbor's pc and it works perfectly. So I guess my USB ports were the issue. Another neighbor had a powered USB hub I could borrow and now it works on my computer as well. Thanks for the help and your time :)
  2. Hello everyone I got a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 to start with home recording. I am an absolute noob in this field, so any help is welcome. After I had installed everything correctly and plugged everything in, I could hear my guitar sounds only faintly and my headphones made some terrible noise (seriously, it gave more crackles and pops than my Rice Krispies this morning). I tried Googling my problem and I have noticed that this is not a standalone case. Unfortunately, none of the solutions suggested in this forum or elsewhere have worked. I have tried different cables, different guitars, different headphones, all giving the same result One post suggested going to "Manage Audio Devices" in Windows Control Panel. I went there and I noticed that when I opened the tab "Recording", the crackling stopped for the most part. When I click on one of the other tabs, it comes back. When I try recording something (I use Pro Tools 10), the noise is recorded as well. Should it be necessary, I suppose I could upload an audio file containing the noise. Lastly, the laptop I use is a bit old, although it still works for everything else I use it for. I'm not sure this is relevant, but maybe it could help. I have spent hours trying to fix this but to no avail. Needless to say, this stuff is driving me nuts. Thanks a bunch! Cpt. Pancakes
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