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Found 2 results

  1. LINE 6 HELIX/HX SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM FAQ (US ONLY) Please note that a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to qualify for any warranty service. General warranty information can be found at WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE HELIX/HX EXTENDED WARRANTY? Customers who purchased a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT processor, Helix Control pedal, HX Effects or HX Stomp in the United States and have a copy of the original purchase receipt qualify for the extended warranty. WHY IS THE EXTENDED WARRANTY OFFERED TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY? Warranties are set by Line 6 distributor partners, and Line 6 currently only distributes in the U.S. WHEN I TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., DOES ADVANCE REPLACEMENT AND FREE SHIPPING APPLY? At this time, Advance Replacement and free shipping is only offered in the U.S. I BOUGHT MY HELIX/HX USED. DO I QUALIFY? It depends on if the original owner gave you a copy of his receipt. As is policy for all Line 6 products, if you have a copy of the original receipt, the original warranty coverage will transfer to the new owner. A receipt from when you bought it used from a store, either physical or online, is not a qualifying receipt. I BOUGHT MY HELIX/HX AS A B-STOCK/BLEM/SCRATCH AND DENT. DO I QUALIFY? No, these products do not qualify for Advance Replacement or Extended Warranty. IF I SELL MY HELIX/HX, WILL MY EXTENDED WARRANTY TRAVEL WITH IT? Yes, the policy can be transferred to the new owner. Contact Line 6 Customer Support with the buyer's Line 6 user name and email address to arrange the transfer. WHAT IS THE CURRENT HELIX/HX WARRANTY? The current warranty is one year from the date of purchase. The warranty is extended to two years if the unit is registered within the first year of ownership. WHAT ARE THE FEATURES OF THE LINE 6 SERVICE PLUS PROGRAM? After the factory warranty expires, it can be extended one year at a time up to three times. The program offers: · Advanced Replacement ($49.99/year) o Includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. This option is available at any time, regardless of warranty status. · Level 1 ($99.99/year for Helix, $59.99/year for HX products) o One additional year of warranty coverage o 100% parts & labor coverage for materials and workmanship failures. o Free UPS Ground shipping to and from Line 6 o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. · Level 2 ($149.99/year for Helix, $79.99/year for HX products) o Includes all Level 1 offerings PLUS: o Advanced Replacement Support, which includes free one business day shipping (U.S. only) of a loaner unit to the customer and free return shipping of the loaner from the customer to Line 6. The loaner is not returned until the customer receives the repaired unit. o Expedited repair Turnaround Time (go to the front of the line) o Must be purchased while under factory or extended warranty. HOW DOES THIS DIFFER FROM THE EXTENDED WARRANTY THAT I HAVE FROM MY RETAILER? Helix/HX owners are dealing directly with Line 6 staff and technicians from start to finish. Our only interest is to get you back to making music ASAP. HOW DO I BUY THE HELIX/HX SERVICE PLUS EXTENDED WARRANTY? The Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranty can only be purchased through our web store at CAN I BUY MULTIPLE YEARS OF COVERAGE AT ONCE? Currently, an extra year of coverage can be obtained one year at a time, up to three times. The coverage can be obtained at any time during the current factory period or during an extended warranty period. WHEN CAN I BUY/RENEW AN EXTENDED WARRANTY POLICY? You can buy or renew anytime until 30 days after the current warranty, be it the factory warranty or an extended warranty, expires. The warranty must be continuously in effect in order for another year of coverage to be purchased, with a 30-day grace period available at the end of each warranty period. CAN I BUY LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 IN A SINGLE TRANSACTION? Yes, you can. You can buy one of each Service Plus product in a single transaction. Keep in mind that in this case, we may contact you to determine which policy should apply to which registered product. WHY AM I NOT SEEING ALL THE SERVICE PLUS ITEMS THAT I PUT IN MY CART ADDED TO MY ACCOUNT? Each transaction is subject to review. Our staff needs to ensure that you own qualifying, registered gear. If there is an issue with your order, our staff will email or call you and discuss how to resolve it. IS ADVANCED REPLACEMENT HONORED EVEN WITHOUT A WARRANTY? Yes, it is. Advance Replacement simply ensures that your downtime is minimized if your Helix needs repair. WILL YOU PRO-RATE REFUNDS FOR STANDALONE ADVANCED REPLACEMENT POLICIES PURCHASED MID-YEAR THAT ROLL INTO A LEVEL TWO PLAN? Yes, just contact Line 6 Customer Service for help with that. HOW DO I CONTACT LINE 6 CUSTOMER SUPPORT WITH MORE QUESTIONS? By calling 818-575-3600 and selecting Option 2, or creating a Customer Support ticket at
  2. As you know, we have put a great deal of focus on our customer service/support and communication over the last couple of years. We have set very high expectations for ourselves when it comes to turning around Helix issues and repairs and striving for best-in-class service in general. Today, we are announcing two new US-only service products: Helix Service Plus extended Factory service plan (two options). Helix Advance Replacement. This is a product that allows you to buy coverage by the year and if your Helix should require service, you will have a loaner unit sent next business day anywhere in the continental US in advance of your repair. Because we only distribute directly in the US that is the only region we can offer these products. As we just crossed the two-year mark since first customer shipment, there are a wave of US Helix units just coming out of warranty and we will be emailing those customers with this offer (we will continue to automatically email you as your warranty expires). Now you can have up to five years of coverage for your Helix; two years free with registration and up to three additional years purchased after that. We put a lot of thought into just how critical Helix has become to many of our customers and we do not take that lightly. We want you to rest easy knowing that we are here if you need us. Please follow the link to find out more and read the FAQs. Let us know what you think! Line 6 Customer Support
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