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  1. I have a brand new never opened box Helix Rack for sale. $1300 shipped. PM me for more info.
  2. Agreed. As if we were all waiting on bated breath for native. This unit has plenty of horse power for more outstanding delays and reverbs as well as new models. Here is a short list Shiva clean with bright switch option existing shiva with optional bright switch (not sure why that wasn’t included on the current model. I dime the treble as well as the presence to get close to the desired territory.) 1970 super lead (George Lynch) another Divided by 13 HB-HBE 100 Budda 80 Badcat Cub Super Reverb Ecstacy. Just to name a few. Some reverbs with higher density would be nice. More options on the tape delay like age and bias? Can anyone think of some more?
  3. This is a follow up to the issue I’ve been having with my Helix freezing up and then the need to restart by recycling the power switch off and then back on. First of all I would like to say that Line 6 has been helpful and has even given me the option of sending the unit back for a new one. I did not choose that option because as of today 2/1/17 I have not had any issues with the unit freezing up additionally the mission volume pedal has not jumped to zero since the updating too 2.12. IMPORTANT! I have a personal friend who was having a system freeze problem that we have deduced down to a cable used with the his Mission expression pedal. He was using a mono cable for the expression jack on the pedal and then using a TRS for the toe switch. This configuration was causing the Helix to freeze during use and after changing the patch cords out to the correct configuration the Helix stopped freezing up (as of last night). I am using both of the jacks on my mission pedal and both of the cables I am using are mono patch cables and I have not had any issues for two weeks. The Mission pedal works fine with mono cables but I have not been using the toe switch at all as of lately. I am calling the issue resolved until further notice. Thank you all for your input and time in helping me trouble shoot this issue. One last thing! This unit is AWESOME!!! Ease of use and sound quality. Every guitar player should have one of these in his or her or its arsenal! I hope Line 6 doesn’t change the layout or editing to much from the way it is now because its close to perfect. :P The tide has turned! long live the republic. God bless America
  4. Expression pedal 1 and toe switch.
  5. Thanks Silverhead. I have updated to the 2.12 and have started additional testing to see if I get a volume zero with the mission expression pedal or a freeze. If I get either I already have received an RMA to return the unit for a new one.
  6. Just as a follow up. I was contacted by support and they said the same thing as Amsdenj. Rebuild your presets after resetting globals. I did just that! I reset globals and then I built a couple of patches from scratch. In one of the patches I put in volume pedal control at the beginning of the chain. I just got through playing it and I had an occurrence which I experienced with previous firmwares. In the midst of playing the volume goes to zero unexpectedly. The only way the sound will come back is to just touch the volume pedal and then the sound is back. This has happened twice in two days of playing maybe 30 minutes a session. I have contacted support and I will let you know what they come up with. I have not had an all out freeze as of yet.
  7. Don’t give up just yet Doc. reset globals and then rebuild your presets from scratch and see if that fixes the issue. I feel your pain though. Hoping this unit becomes my center piece in my rig. I can’t say that as of yet but we shall see. If this bit doesn’t get fixed with rebuilding my presets I’m most likely offing it.
  8. I wouldn’t call two updates in one year continuos but hopefully the last update along with a couple of other things will fix Helix freeze problem.
  9. just an update. I’ve been in touch with Line 6 tech support and I’m going to reset globals and basically get rid of all my presets and rebuild them from scratch. On any other unit that would be a massive undertaking but on the Helix its not that big of a task. I’m hoping that this glitch is behind us as Helix is an incredible tool if it has truly become reliable. On to bigger and better things like writing, playing, and all the rest. Thank you all for your input.
  10. Wrong thread. The other thread I posted in the wrong section. You can find the new topic post here.
  11. Yes I have followed the reset procedures as described in the directions. Globals have been reset after installing the firmware update. Judging from some of the posts above It would appear that I'm not the only person having this issue. Whether this issue would be considered endemic or not is unclear. Thanks for your reply. I have a ticket open with line 6 on this issue. I will keep this thread posted.
  12. No I am not attached to the editing software or a computer.
  13. Has anyone been experiencing the problem I’m having? I've had this problem since purchasing the unit with it hanging for seemingly no reason and at odd times. I updated the firmware whilst following all of the instruction and holding my mouth in the right position and all that. After the update it seems to work for a while and now it hangs several times a playing session. The scenario goes like this: I’m playing along having a good ole time and I go to change a preset or parameter and all the controls are inoperative. Only solution I’ve found so far is to power cycle the unit. Luckily I haven't had this issue live because I’m not playing live at the moment. If I were playing live I would not count on this unit as of right now. I love the sounds and ease of use otherwise! I like this unit way better than the Axe FX for ease of use but not for reliability. The Axe FX was solid as a rock in terms of glitch free. Anyone else having this issue?
  14. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm on a patch and then change to another patch and the unit hangs. The sound still works but all of the buttons are inoperable and the helix control floor unit does nothing. I had the same problem in 2.10 but now it's worse. Not Going to take this thing live with this kind of stuff happening. I had heard that Pete Thorn went back to his pedal board setup alone without the Helix. I wonder if it was because of little issues like this. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?
  15. Happy new year

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