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  1. Update, Did a factory reset (lost all my patches) ,callibrated the expression peddal and now i have sound again. It works. However it still doesn't explain the firmware not installing because of a "connection" issue. @Alienux - Good Call man :) hurghanico - i will try another cable and to try to use a file from the site and install from the desktop and see if that works to get that up to date. Thank you everyone for the help, I really appriciate everyone trying to help me troubleshoot this.
  2. Flash Memory downloads and installs ok.But when i try to install the firmware because it says it is out of date. It keeps saying. Could not establish a connection with the POD 400 and to check my cables..i don't get it. if the flash downloaded t the pod,the firmware should be able to because there is obviously a connection right? :/
  3. Thank you for the replies guys. I will go through my settings again and see if that's the issue, and if not i will re-install the firmware and flash. BillBee, It's a Yamaha audiogram 6, that's what i meant by usb audio codec. Sorry i have been brainwashed of the name from reading about it and making selections through windows..lol I will let you guys know if it is a success.
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Jim.I'm new to the forum and have a problem maybe one of you can help me with. I have a POD HD400 that I bought last month. I do my own recording and was using a Digitech guitar processor before this. The 400 is a great processor and has many editing functions. Problem is that i played with it for about a month and then plugged it in to update it. I got the new drivers and firmware and after all was said and done i have no sound. It's as if my guitar isn't plugged in anymore. Anyone have any experience with this problem? Windows 8.1, Instruments are plugged into a Yamaha usb audio codec, in my playback and record tabs everything is how it should be. Btw the installations were a success for the 400.
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