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  1. I know how to use modern technology, thanks. The amp sucks. I just bought a brand spanking new Orange c60 last night. It blows the line 6 the water in every imaginable way. I made a mistake buying the line 6. I dropped the lollipop 6 off at the service center Tuesday..once it's fixed I'll sell it to someone else who thinks he's getting a great amp...
  2. I'm dropping the amp off at a service center today. As soon as this piece of garbage is fixed I'm selling it! to be completely honest with you, it doesn't even model the amps that it is supposed to do very well. when you change channels the volumes fluctuate so much that it takes hours just to program this thing if you want to use it in a live setting. I will be purchasing a Vox Valvetronix as soon as this lump of wood is sold.
  3. UPDATE: I replaced the power amp board and the input jack. MY AMP STILL DOES NOT WORK. It turns on but has no sound coming through the speakers, no hiss...nothing. The tuner still shows no signal when i activate it. Beyond frustrating.
  4. my very first post I stated that the tuner does not pick up a signal when I am plugged in. the tuner activates but it doesn't pick up me hitting the strings.
  5. When the guitar is plugged in and i activate the tuner there is no signal. Also, no mastery hours loud i turn the mastery volume up the speakers don't hiss, nothing. I tried disconnecting the speakers and reconnecting. Nothing there.
  6. my unit is out of warranty....I also used the amp about 5 times in a 2 year time period where it was stored in my home in a climate controlled room. I need to fix this myself. Where can I purchase parts?
  7. When i plug my mp3 player in the back i get no sound either....all of my channels and electronics are working as normal. Footswitch is good. Reset the unit a dozen times. what do you think this could be?
  8. All of my lights are working as normal. I'll attempt to plug a mp3 player into the back when i get home. Can i buy a new motherboard myself and replace it if needed? I'm not driving 2 hours to get my amp looked at. This is definitely the last line 6 amp i ever purchase, my friend had the same problem. They aren't built well.
  9. My spider iv has no sound at all. When i plug the guitar in the tuner doesn.t register either. The closest service center is 2 hours away and all the posts that i've read always suggest going to adamn service center. Is there anything i can do to ge tthis working? Honestly, i'll never buy a line 6 prodict again. What a joke. No one services these things.
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