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  1. Just to say that I have already returned Zoom UAC-2. The sound is not good, it's dark and muffled (also in hi-z) and completely different from HX Stomp. It also clipping easily. Even the headphone output is not the best :( I was thinking of buying an Audient sound card but I think everything in this price range will be very similar, so the solution for now is to save money and use my HX Stomp as an audio interface.
  2. After a long meditation I ordered a Zoom UAC-2 (it will arrive today). I hope it's what I'm looking for, however I have money-back guarantee if I were not satisfied :) I have read several positive reviews on this interface, of course I have also read negative reviews (but this for any sound card currently on the market).
  3. Good Morning and thanks for the reply again :) I tried to choose "line" as input on my HX Stomp. It works but the sound is faded so this isn't the solution. I also tried to switch into single coil on my split pickups and the output level is right so i think it is a problem with my bridge's humbucker. I attach a little audio track of the dry signal. I notice that i listen this distorted and dirty sound also when i choose a "new preset" in hx stomp (without effects, cabs and amp). Maybe it is normal for my hot pickup? Anyway, an Audient iD14 will be a good solution for Helix Native? The world of sound cards is really vast! I don't undestand if it has pad option or not prova dry.wav
  4. Thanks for the reply! Tonight I'll try :) A question, which audio interface do you recommend in place of the Scarlett 2i2? I was thinking of a 2i4 (always Focusrite, or better 6i6?) Or a Steinberg UR242EU, both for the "pad" options. Also important headphones output (I have AKG K240 55ohm) that must have good output level and obviously the audio card must have zero latency and no clipping problem :)
  5. Ok, I solved, I do not know how I did it but now it works. But I decided to return the scarlett 2i2 because I have problems of clipping with the dry signal with any gain level (I have DI Marzio X2N pickups). For now I'm using my HX Stomp with USB input 5-6, it works but I can not adjust the input level, therefore I also have clipping with this unit! According to you with a different audio interface like the Scarlett 2i4, with the "pad" buttons I could solve? Is there a way to adjust the input level for the dry signal on the HX Stomp? P.S: I opened two different topics, sorry, we can use this :)
  6. Goodmorning everyone. How can I use HX-Stomp with the Helix Native plugin? Currently I'm trying to record in Pro-Tools via Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 but with the gain control in the input of the sound card I have big problems of noise and clipping and if I completely lower the knob of the gain the sound is soft and therefore I'm considering use HX Stomp, if it resolves. Is there a simple way to interface it with the Helix Native plugin without having to create two separate audio tracks (dry and not)? I can not separate the processed sound of the multi-effect from that of the plugin when i monitoring via headphones (connected to HX Stomp). I tried USB 1-2 and USB 5-6.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I created a "stereo instrument" track, loaded the plugin and the daw opens HN correctly. I selected a random preset (not new) but the sound that came out was without effects. Anyway, someone suggested me to activate the "input monitor" button in Pro Tools. Tonight I will try.
  8. Good morning to the whole community. I am a happy owner of HX Stomp that I use with satisfaction as a pedal unit. Recently I entered the world of digital recording with Pro Tools HD 12 to self-produce (or at least, to try) some of my songs. Last night I tried to download the demo version of Helix Native to test it on my DAW and decide whether to buy it or not. The program recognizes it, I can load a stereo audio track and open Helix Native but what I hear is just a dry signal with no effect :( I state that I'm pretty ignorant of the audio recording so I'm probably doing something wrong. My hardware / software: - Pro Tools HD 12 64bit; - Windows 10 64 bit; - Helix Native Trial; - Focusrite 2i2 2nd; What I do is just connect my guitar to the first input of the sound card (INST) and play. Do you have any advice? What am I doing wrong? Is there any particular setting? Thank you! P.S: HX Stomp works perfectly (also as an audio interface) but Helix Native would be easier. P.P.S: sorry for my english :)
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