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  1. Sorry my question was if you used the pod go with the audio interface to run the daw (Ableton) could you still use the USB connection to run the pod edit? Therefore eliminating the need to switch back-and-forth. While still having control of the pod go with the edit software.
  2. Would he/we still be able to use the usb connection in order to use pod edit?
  3. They replaced it but it still didn’t work. Spent 30 minutes on a text with a tech and they got it working. All is good. Music is flowing. Back on track. Very pleased.
  4. brought it with me to work today and headed to GC this afternoon.
  5. I tried it all and still no output on phone jack. Thanks for trying.
  6. Yes. Version 1.30 Could I have screwed up something up in PC edit?
  7. I've tried multiple headphone and actually went out and purchased a new set (good excuse right?). None of them worked. With that said, it's not a dirty jack. have you tried switching between the above 3 options and are your headphones still not coming through on any option? Where would I do this? Thank you for the help.
  8. If I unplug the main out I still have no sound in the phone jack.
  9. Correct. Fully functional using speakers but no sound in headphones.
  10. New to Pod Go. I purchased a Pod Go wireless system this week. Set it up properly (I believe). Updated the firmware. Did a backup. Did a factory reset. I'm using a Breedlove Legacy with LR Baggs anthem pickups. Loaded a patch, plugged in my wireless, and got tone to use the tuner. Plugged in the headphones and got crickets. Plugged into the back of an amp and got tone. Tried different patches, different presets, but still can only get sound through the amp and not the headphones. Tried using it connected to my pc using edit and also tried it without the pc just plain. I know this must be something completely basic that I'm screwing up. Thanks in advance.
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