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Found 9 results

  1. Dude, in case no signal in or out, this can save you weeks of frustrations, this happened to me..... no matter how stupid it sounds.... are you using exactly the original line 6 power source A.C. adapter ??? not a regular-similar 9 V D.C. power source..... read carefully... the power source its the problem it happened to me... you need to be sure using the original A.C.power source (Not a regular D.C.) ...... iiiiiffff you use a regular 9V D.C. the input signal goes to ground and it does not process anything..... I was using a 9V D.C. and no signal and I spent 1 week doing all kind of updates and contacting techinal support for nothing... after I found my original power source and connected ...voila it works like a charm...I read many guys on internet having same problem and technical support not giving them any answer telling them "send them to us so we can check it up"..... and charging you for that..... use a 9V Altern Current.... not D.C....... do it now..... stop using a D.C. (D.C. did not damaged my unit but it just don't make it work
  2. I had signal/sound yesterday... No signal no sound. I downloaded a patch that I purchased, importeed it and now I have no sound/signal.. I'm using the AES/EBU output from the Helix into the AES/EUB of the power cab.
  3. Having an odd issue; love my G30 - think I've had it for a couple years at least (yes, I have a rubber band around the battery door - get over it folks!!) Its just started giving me an odd problem. I have a good solid signal (on any channel) - 6 green lights on receiver, but nothing from the instrument. If I unplug the instrument from the transmitter, the amp pops just like I was pulling a cord locally so its definitely making contact with the amp. Just no music! Instrument plays fine wired. I've tried a different cord between instrument and transmitter. Anybody have a clue what could be going on? I'm in a major city and oddly enough the one authorized repair center is close by so maybe I'll go see them.... Thanks for any insights
  4. Hello all, I got my Helix yesterday, and needless to say I've had nothing but issues so far. I plugged it in and plugged my headphones in, and started playing. I noticed the signal would cut in and out every few seconds or so, so I unplugged the headphones... only to notice the tip of the headphone connector was still stuck inside the unit (which I do not blame on the Helix at all!). I was able to remove it luckily. Today, I just can't get any kind of signal into or out of the Helix. I've done numerous resets, and reinstalled the newest version of Helix firmware. Nothing. I have everything (headphones, guitar, USB to computer) plugged in exactly like I did yesterday when I got the unit and had sound, but nothing. Also yesterday, I connected the unit through USB to my Windows 10 desktop, and I was able to hear my computers sound through the headphone jack on the Helix. I can't even get that to work today. Any tips? I really wanna mess with the unit, but not in the fashion of repeated troubleshooting and the like. Thanks! CBpunk16
  5. Hi everyone A while ago I had this UX1 working perfectly but now I've upgraded to W10, don't know if that's the root cause of my problem but maybe it'll prove helpful. The first time I installed everything and got hardware set-up, I could see all of the amps were present in the software but the software wasn't receiving any signal from my guitar. the input gauge above the threshold/decay knobs never budged. So, I decided to uninstall and reinstall and lo and behold, I got signal but now I could only play clean, as I got an error code (8000a002) whenever I tried to choose a preset or an amp/pedal. My computer and the pod were authorized in License Manager, the extra presets were downloaded and I even ran the Line 6 monkey and made sure everything was updated. So I thought I'd uninstall and reinstall again, in fact I did this twice and both times the first outcome repeated itself (all amps present but no input). I did notice something weird in the settings screen so I thought i'd include it. Please help! This is driving me insane.
  6. Greetings... did a quick search around couldn't find an answer so I'll post. Forgive me if I missed and obvious reply to this question. My son's G30 is no longer transmitting a signal. Bought it in mid 2013 and has worked like a champ. Within the last week at a show, his bass started cutting out during a show and we quickly switched over to a cable. This past weekend during set up, he had no signal whatsoever. The receiver and transmitter both show good connection, tried different channels, walked through his signal chain to verify nothing else was interfering, and narrowed it down to the wireless unit. Batteries are good. Our guitarist had an extra G30 transmitter, fired his transmitter up and tried it, worked just fine. I see there could possibly be a firmware update for it (not sure if that'd fix anything), but doing so could be difficult locating the required receiver to perform it - short of sending it in to Line 6. Purchased in mid 2013, have extended warranty on it from GC. Any suggestions?
  7. I've had pod farm before on my computer but sold my interface so I had to buy tha full version to connect to anothe interface. I have a M- audio Fast Track Pro, and running Logic X. I am getting signal in logic x but no signal in pod farm. When I try to connect my interface into prefernces, when I hit APPLY and then OK. It actually doesnt and when I go back in, nothing is changed and its back to the original way. Im getting this really gross clean sound, and no matter what tweaking I do I cant get a reaction from pod farm. Help Please.
  8. Hello Line 6 community, I recently received the Line 6 UX2 POD studio as a gift. I previously had the GX POD on a different system and decided it was time to step up. After updating all my drivers and having everything up to date, I was still a little peeved that I could only have access to the same amp models as when I had my GX. I had updated my POD farm to the latest version, un-installed, and did it again with no luck. I was able to run my pod setup through my DAW (I use reaper) and record, I even put out a track to test the new hardware. However, today after a session crash I was afraid that I blew it, because the lights on the level meters would not turn on. After rebooting, the POD worked again but I decided it was time to get my amp models. Then, I ran the License Manager. I had previously registered my device through the line 6 site. After running the license manager and registering my product and my computer, I opened my pod farm to find all my missing tones! However, now my UX2 POD was not picking up any signal. I would plug in my speakers and see the two level meters register, but my POD farm still was not recognizing signal from my guitar. I rebooted my comp, and now my POD studio doesn't register a thing. TL:DR; UX2 POD studio worked fine prior to running the License Manager from Line 6 Monkey. Now I can't get POD farm to recognize my guitar signal. -Chuck
  9. Hi Folks, I want to use the HD500 as Soundcard/Interface for Cubase editing and monitoring but can't get any sound from the connected studio monitors. Hope you got an idea what I'm doing wrong! My POD inputs Cubase to POD via USB Variax to POD via Digital Cabel Keyboard Line out to POD AUX in My POD Outputs XLR out L&R to Adam F5 Studio Monitors Headphones on Phones out I ran the obove setup without the monitors up untill now and had no issues. Editing, playback, recording all works fine. Now to get rid of the headphone only setup I took one of the new studio monitors out of the box and connected it to one XLR balanced out but have no sound at all! I tried POD sound through Headphones => works Connecting the monitor to the Latops headphone out via 3,5" Klinke to RCA => works, so the monitor is ok. Changing XLR cabels didn't change anything => cable should be fine too Flipped through all POD setup options I could but found no mute/balance/setup options for XLR out => No clue if I missed something. If anybody has an idea what I'm missing I'd be very happy! THX
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