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  1. hd500 no usb connection

  2. Got a set of cables for the unbalanced outs yesterday, now it works. Realy seems like the XLR out's level is below the activation level of the monitors. But since I got decent sound now my issue is solved. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Ok, I see. How moch of a difference in Level is that in the rough? Half, a quater? I though I played arround with the volume nobs but I'm going to make sure tonight. Should the Master Volume affect the XLR level or does the patch route directly to the XLR outs? Thinking about another approach, does the POD unbalanced out have the right level to connect to the Monitors balanced in?
  4. Hi Folks, I want to use the HD500 as Soundcard/Interface for Cubase editing and monitoring but can't get any sound from the connected studio monitors. Hope you got an idea what I'm doing wrong! My POD inputs Cubase to POD via USB Variax to POD via Digital Cabel Keyboard Line out to POD AUX in My POD Outputs XLR out L&R to Adam F5 Studio Monitors Headphones on Phones out I ran the obove setup without the monitors up untill now and had no issues. Editing, playback, recording all works fine. Now to get rid of the headphone only setup I took one of the new studio monitors out of the box and connected it to one XLR balanced out but have no sound at all! I tried POD sound through Headphones => works Connecting the monitor to the Latops headphone out via 3,5" Klinke to RCA => works, so the monitor is ok. Changing XLR cabels didn't change anything => cable should be fine too Flipped through all POD setup options I could but found no mute/balance/setup options for XLR out => No clue if I missed something. If anybody has an idea what I'm missing I'd be very happy! THX
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