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  1. Yesc I am connecting it to my audio interface. Also tested plugging it in front of my amp. I already created a support ticket but wanted to know if anyone has some insight on this problem.
  2. Hi guys, first time posting here. So I bought a used HX Stomp a couple of months ago and everything have been working fine until yesterday when I connected it to do a reamp with my reamp box and there was no sound coming out of the unit. After some troubleshooting I've found that it seems the unit is not getting input signal as when I turn the tuner on nothing seems to happen. I've also tried putting a return block and using the returns of the unit as input but still no sound. When the unit is in analog bypass mode the signal goes through just fine, so I assume there's no physical problem with the input jacks. I've tried reseting the unit and downgrading it to past firmware and the problem persists. Sometimes the audio comes back but then again the problem returns, this seems to be random. Also when I first boot the device for a second it registers sound but then it cuts off. I've read that some Helix and Helix LT users have encountered this problem but haven't found anything on HX Stomp. Dou you have any idea why this could be happening? Does it have any solution?
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