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  1. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I'll make sure to check the "Per Preset" vs. "Global". And yeah, that does seem to be a really weird place to have a Global command live. Everything in this area should be granular. But of course, I missed the last meeting of the Helix Software Design Team, so I didn't get to give my input :D
  2. That was a superb idea, it worked! I'm ashamed that I didn't think of it, since 50% of my paycheck comes from troubleshooting. It's too bad that it doesn't work with the editor. Or maybe I need to try connecting to the editor again and just doing the mods on the pedal itself… :unsure: Anyway, thanks to you I have a workaround!
  3. Hey, all— I'm still new to using the VDI system to connect my Variax with my Helix, so it's very likely that my problem is due to ignorance on my part. However, I can't get the Variax model to change reliably, nor can I ever get the individual string tunings to change. I've created a quick youtube video to demonstrate, so I'd appreciate you taking a look at it just to see where I've gone wrong: TIA, Mooseboy
  4. Didn't know that, thanks. I do have a Helix LT and a VDI cable, but I didn't take the VDI Cable last night unfortunately. That would have put the battery out of the equation.
  5. Hey, all— I love my new JTV59, and use it for almost all of my gigs. However, last night I played an outdoor gig where the heat index was about 104F, and the modeling wouldn't even turn on. I had charged the battery just prior to the gig, and checked it before I left the house (full charge). When I say "the modeling wouldn't turn on", I mean I got exactly the same results that I would get as if the battery was dead or not in the chamber. I checked the battery level indicator, and it briefly flashed 3 LEDs, but it went off a lot quicker than it usually does. Generally speaking, those LEDs stay on for about two seconds, and last night they only stayed on for about a half second. I pulled and reseated the battery four times, but no change. Got through the gig just fine with the mag pups, but I missed having the alternate tuning functions :( Took it home, plugged it in this morning to check it, and everything works just fine today. So it's either the battery doesn't function when it's too warm, or the electronics fail when it's too warm. Any ideas?
  6. I talked to my GC manager buddy, he called Line 6, and a new cable's on the way. Thanks gents!
  7. Looks like I was posting at the same time that you were, Phil. And what you said makes sense.
  8. Yep, that's correct. And I'm pushing with more force than I would really want to use, but it still won't go in.
  9. Puzzled I am. I just bought one of these: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6/Variax-Digital-Cable-1274034483116.gc And I can't get it to plug in to my Variax OR my Helix. It just physically won't go in. Now, I've been plugging in cables for about 52 years, and if I had a nickel for every network cable I've plugged in, I could retire a rich man. So I've either gone stone cold stupid on this, or I'm missing something very simple.
  10. Oh man… you're light years ahead of me right now anyway! And I did check the FAQ for the LT, and it really does seem to indicate the same thing that the other replies to this topic say; that is, the Performance Mode is only considered necessary on the LT because of the lack of the scribble strips. For me, a man of, shall we say, "distinguished vintage", the Performance Mode display is very appealing (older eyes). Is there a "codger" emoticon on this forum? :D Thanks all, for the quick replies!
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, and since I'm new to the Helix world, it's entirely possible that I'm not using the correct term. What I see on some of the Helix LT demo videos is that the LCD screen can be switched over so that it shows large colored rectangles corresponding to the footswitches, since it doesn't have scribble strips. They can be seen easily in the opening thumbnail of this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zWMnHVsU2NU
  12. Hey again, folks— In using my new Helix, I found myself wondering if the Performance Mode (as on the LT) is available on the Helix. tia.
  13. Excellent! Thanks very much, works like a charm.
  14. Hey, all— I've spent about two hours with my new Helix, so this is no doubt an easy question. My old MFX pedal is a Boss GT-10, and I've set up the expression pedal to always be volume, and always be at 50% when rolled all the way back, and 100% when rolled all the way forward. That way all the way back is rhythm level, and all the way forward is solo level. It works very well for me, and I'm quite used to it. So is it possible to do this same thing with the Helix? Running newest firmware (2.21) TIA, Mooseboy
  15. Thank you! Brand new Variax user here, and it's nice to see that somebody can just answer the question without going all whiny.
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