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    Rack newbie questions

    Thanks for the answers, I picked up the Helix Rack + Control yesterday, did a quick firmware update and restored everything from my old Helix floorboard and I'm already preferring this setup. You've put my mind at rest about the weight issue, so I'll just use all the screws and stop worrying about it. ;-) Mine came with an Cat 5e ethernet cable, so I'll look for a shorter Cat 5e or Cat 6 just to reduce the cable mess. I think Neutrik make the audio patch bay sockets, so I might bring the Helix send/return sockets out into a front panel. Thanks again for the help, Charlie
  2. Hi folks, I have had the floorboard model for a couple of weeks, just for practising at home and really enjoyed it but I'm finding it awkward to position the floorboard model so it is easy to tweak and see the screen, etc. I think the rack model would suit me better because I can have the rack unit high enough to see and tweak, and have the Helix Control on the floor where it belongs. I'm thinking if I get a nice solid-wood rack it will look like a piece of furniture and the wife won't notice :-) The shop I bought it from has agreed that I can still return my Helix and buy the rack + controller instead. Before I do that I have a few questions for anyone with rack experience, as I have never used or bought one before: 1) Weight - seems like a lot of rack gear is very light, but things like Helix rack and Kemper rack are a lot heavier. Are the front rack screws enough to take that weight, or do I need some extra rails or something inside the rack itself to support the rear of the Helix rack unit? 2) I'm guessing the Helix Controller comes with a really long cable for stage use, I will only need around 3m, is there a recommended type of shorter replacement cable for the Helix Rack + Controller? I think it's just a network cable isn't it? 3) I thought it might be handy if possible to bring some of the Helix rear inputs into a front rack panel, I have seen some pre-cut panels but not sure where or what type of sockets I would need to put into the pre-cut holes. Can anyone point me to some parts to extend USB and audio sockets into a front rack panel? Thanks for the help folks, Charlie
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