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  1. Hey everybody, thanks for the suggestions. I'll up the output of the wireless and drive it through the Aux. Nice weekend! Halest
  2. Hey, thanks for answering! Alright, I'll do that and check it. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Hello @rd2rk first, thanks for answering. Now, sorry, english isn't my first language, could you explain what Input Pad is? Does that mean it's less loud? So I could just up the output volume of my wireless to get the same sound?
  4. Hello, sorry if this is a duplicate, I'm not a regular forums user... I've received my Helix Rack today and was updating it to the current firmware and setting it up and was wondering if it would not be possible to use on of the backpanel jacks as a regular instrument in. The background is that it sits below my wireless which of course outputs on the back an instrument level signal and I would like to avoid laying a cable out to the frontpanel instrument in. I was checking all the global in/out options but could not find anything like this. As far as I understand it, the aux in expects a line level input. On a sidenote: Does anybody know what happens if you feed an instrument level signal through a lne level input port? I would guess it would sound a little "washed out"? Thanks in advance and best regards
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