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  1. I was able to speak with a wonderfully helpful employee from Line 6 who assured me that since I have a receipt showing the date of purchase during the promotional period that I will be eligible for the Mission Engineering expression pedal even in the event that my helix rack and control arrive outside the promotional period, which is likely given that the helix rack will be shipping on the 27th of February. Thanks again to everyone for helping me out and I very much look forward to being a helix owner.
  2. I called both Sweetwater as well as Mission Engineering and while I just went to voicemail in regards to the latter I was able to speak with a representative of the former. The Sweetwater employee was willing to discount the total cost of the helix rack and control as well as have it ship in time to take advantage of the promotional deal from Line 6 but the discount Sweetwater was offering would still be less than if I bought both units through Guitar Center plus paid the full cost of the Mission Engineering pedal myself. I appreciate their efforts to help out, though, and I think I'll just have to purchase the helix rack and control from Guitar Center and hope that even if they arrive after the end of the promotional period that Line 6 will be willing to honor the deal since I will have proof of purchase in February. Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and advice!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Perhaps I'm misreading the promotion, but the part that concerns me is the line that states "[t]he Free Mission Engineering SP1-L6H Helix Expression Pedal will be sent to you via U.S. mail after you purchase and register both a Helix Rack and Helix Control on Line6.com during the Promotion Period." The registration part will, I assume, require the serial number of the units and without the means to get the units in my hands during the promotion period if they're shipped on the 27th of February would I'm not able to register them within the promotion period. When I initially brought up the promotion yesterday to the Guitar Center employee who was helping me they did not seem to think that they were providing the Mission Engineering pedal, although they may well be mistaken. I will take up your suggestions and be calling both Sweetwater and Mission Engineering to see what can be done about it. Thanks once again for all the help!
  4. Thanks for the link! I've sent a request to join the group so hopefully I'll be accepted and can post my concerns there as well. I did look to other online retailers as an alternative however none of them seem to be offering a discount on the helix although I agree that it may be wise to contact them and ask if they'll offer the same discount as Guitar Center so I'll be doing that later today if I don't hear back from Line 6. There does exist one small benefit for me in purchasing it through Guitar Center and that is that I can get it shipped to their store rather than my apartment building so I don't have to worry about other residents purloining my package. Thanks again for the advice so far!
  5. I'm afraid I'm not in the Facebook group as I'm actually fairly inactive on Facebook. Indeed this was my first time getting on in several years just to message Line 6. A quick cursory search of Facebook seems to reveal several different Line 6 groups. Is there a chance you could point me to the right one? I've been lurking around these forums for some time and I have to admit part of my hope in posting here is that a Line 6 staff member may see it as I've seen them around on other threads before.
  6. Hello Line 6 forum users, I was hoping you could help advise me with a dilemma that I'm having. I want to take advantage of Line 6's promotional deal for a Mission Engineering expression pedal when purchasing a helix rack and control this month so I went to Guitar Center (as I believe they are a licensed Line 6 dealer) yesterday to do so when they informed me that the earliest that a helix rack would be able to be shipped would be on the 27th of February as they didn't have one in store. I'm concerned that while I could get a receipt today, the 20th of February, showing I purchased a helix I wouldn't have the physical unit until perhaps March, when the promotion would have expired, and consequently if the serial number was needed to register the unit (as I assume it is) that I would miss the window of the promotion. Is it possible that there may be a way that even if my unit doesn't arrive during the promotional period that I could still receive a Mission Engineering expression pedal if I had proof of purchase during the promotional period? I have attempted to contact Line 6 through both repeated calls today and yesterday to the 1 (818) 575-3600 phone number they have listed as well as through a Facebook message but have yet to receive a reply. I understand that their customer service isn't listed as being open during the weekends and, while they are shown to be available on Mondays, that today is Presidents' Day in the United States so it's understandable that they may not be at work. Ideally I'd be purchasing the helix rack and control today from Guitar Center in order to take advantage of their Presidents' Day discounts but if possible I'd like to get confirmation on whether I would be able to receive the Mission Engineering expression pedal as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and any help you can offer!
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